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It's Time for a New Mattress

We have a great mattress... but lately, I've been seeing a commercial, explaining why we need to replace our mattresses every eight to ten years. You may think your mattress is in good shape, but over time, it can become infiltrated by allergens and dust mites, which can cause health issues, and contribute to sleepless nights. Our mattress belonged to my husband, before we were married. We've been married for about five years, and I think he had that mattress for at least three years before we were married. This means that in the next year or two, we're going to need to look into a new mattress. We have a queen sized mattress, and have been toying with the idea of upgrading to a king sized mattress.

Check out these handy tips on determining when it's time to buy a new mattress!

Where to look, though? We could buy a new mattress from a variety of different places, but we like to do our research, and we're definitely going to look for something that will give us the ultimate comfort and support. A regular old mattress would be fine, but when I heard about luxury mattresses from 1907, I knew that I had to look into them.

Bespoke mattresses from 1907...

At 1907, every mattress is crafted by hand, and because of this, 1907 offers custom bespoke mattresses, tailored to suit the needs of the customer! Wow! Talk about customer service! Hmm.. I think I could definitely get used to a customized mattress!

A natural mattress is intriguing, too. I think it would be wonderful to have a beautifully crafted mattress, filled with natural fibers like wool, cotton, horse hair, and coir. I have absolutely no idea what my mattress is filled with. Pretty sad, when I think about it! A mattress filled with wool sounds so warm and cozy. I'll bet that would keep us pretty toasty in the colder months. Our bed is up against an outside wall, and the wall gets pretty chilly during the winter! We like to do what we can to stay warm, without having to crank up the heat!

This memory foam mattress from 1907 is calling my name!

What I really think I'd like, is a memory foam mattress. I think a mattress that conforms to the shape of my body would be awesome! My husband would be able to sleep comfortably, and so would I. Balian would probably love it, too! I can only imagine what it would be like to be able to sleep through the night without tossing and turning tons of times. I don't know how many times I wake up- crunched, with a kinked back, or just plain uncomfortable, due to sleeping on an older, uncomfortable mattress.

I'm done flipping the mattress every two to three weeks. I want a beautiful mattress that's going to give both me and my husband the support we need, as well as wrap us in comfortable bliss! We work hard, play hard, love hard- and deserve a comfy, supportive mattress!

When's the last time you bought a new mattress?

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Paparazzi Accessories Bracelet (Review & Giveaway)

 MBP Proudly Presents
Stephanie Ezzo, Spotlight Sponsor

Not too long ago, we had another fabulous businesswoman join our group of MBP Spotlight Sponsors. Stephanie Ezzo is an Independent Consultant with one of my favorite newer direct sales companies- Paparazzi Accessories. Stephanie is a hard-working lady, and it's easy to to see that she has a passion for connecting women with stylish, affordable jewelry.

But- what makes Paparazzi Accessories different from other direct sales company, offering similar products? Individual jewelry pieces and sets by Paparazzi Accessories are just $5.00, making it fun and affordable to change your look as often as you like!

 My pretty new bracelet from Steph!

Stephanie sent me a beautiful turquoise and silver stretch bracelet to review this month. In my review package, I received the bracelet, with its Paparazzi Accessories tag on it, and Stephanie's professional business card. I'm glad to have Steph's business card handy, because I know some of my friends are going to want to know where they can get these awesome $5.00 accessories from!

The bracelet consists of a stretchy elastic band, and sits covered in silver colored beads of all shapes and sizes. I especially like the silver rings that move around, sliding over the other beads. There are two large turquoise colored stones, embellishing this bracelet, as well as two brown colored rounded beads. I love the different sizes of the beads- small, medium, and large. They way they are situated on the bracelet, balances the whole piece out.

Here's where this lovely bracelet sits on my wrist...

Here's a better photo, showing the detail of the beads. I love the swirls, dots, stripes, and more! 
So much going on in one bracelet!

I've worn this bracelet two or three times already, and love it. I've received lots of compliments on it, as well. This is the kind of bracelet that goes with casual and dressier styles of clothing, and can be complimented by accessories that I already own. I don't do chunky jewelry very well, but this 'chunky' bracelet is just the right sort of chunky for me. It's not too big, but it's a little larger than the delicate bracelets that I usually wear, and I like that. It's not at all heavy- in fact, it's very lightweight. It mostly stays in place, with a little room to roll- maybe an inch and a half, total. This was definitely a great summer style accessory, but it'll be a wonderful transition piece for fall, too! I'll be wearing this all season long!

I poked around on Steph's Paparazzi Accessories website to check out what other items she has available right now, and I love what I see! Steph has a great selection of bracelets, necklaces, and other accessories, too! The Paparazzi items are all $5.00, and I'm thinking that they'll make great stocking stuffers, wonderful gifts for birthdays, Christmas, etc. Getting together with the girls? Bring everyone a special little gift! No one will ever know that you only spent $5.00/per jewelry piece!

Paparazzi Accessories is a little bit different from other direct sales companies offering jewelry, because you purchase directly from the consultant's inventory. There are no catalogs to shop from. Stephanie makes it easy for her customers to shop with her, though. She has her own regularly updated website, Stephanie's Accessories, and everything on her website can be bought online, through Stephanie. 

Here are a few of my favorite sets on Steph's website...

Long Black Ribbon Necklace and Earrings- just $5.00!

Long Ivory Beaded Necklace w/Tassel and matching earrings- just $5.00!

Gunmetal Multi Strand Flower Necklace w/Earrings- just $5.00!

Want It? Buy It!

You can purchase your own $5.00 jewelry and accessories by heading to Stephanie's website, or by heading to her Stephanie's Accessories page on Facebook. Steph shares lots of specials, deals, and lets her fans and customers know where she'll be participating in vendor shows, and setting up her fab display of accessories- so do check her out, and give her page a like!

Steph's got an August sign up special going on, where you can join her Paparazzi Accessories team for just $40 and get 10 free pieces.
Join her team with a starter kit, and get 10 free pieces, a custom bling name badge, AND Paparazzi waives the $40 enrollment fee!

Stephanie is happy to answer any questions you may have about starting your own Paparazzi Accessories business, so leave comments on this post, or connect with Steph on Facebook!

 Photo: August is a busy month. I am booked solid every weekend, which means you'll be able to shop with me just about any time. 
You can find me at The Jimmy Lee Project this Saturday at the B&O Station in Youngstown. Come out and support this wonderful cause, and get some fantastic $5 goodies!

Want It? Win It!

Steph has graciously put aside the same bracelet that she sent to me to review this month, so that one lucky MBP reader can call it her own! Just use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter for your chance to win!

Special thanks to Stephanie Ezzo for sending me such a pretty bracelet, and for offering one up as a giveaway for our fashion forward readers!

Good luck!

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Mary Kay with Maria Review & Giveaway

August Spotlight Sponsor

One of our spectacular Spotlight Sponsors is none other than Mary Kay with Maria L. We have all had the opportunity to work with her and she is so wonderful to the MBP team. She has offered us some great products each month to use and also share with our readers, this month is no different.

Maria is an Independent Beauty Consultant and has been with Mary Kay for 7 years and loving it ever since. She became a consultant because she had been using MK skin care products since she was a college freshman, and being a stay at home mom, with a paying career as a pharmacist on hold, she knew MK was for her. Her favorite parts and reasons she loves MK are because the products are very researched, contain quality ingredients, the colors are absolutely beautiful, long lasting, and always on trend. She also appreciates that MK is also a very philanthropic organization. That said, we are so glad Maria joined Mary Kay and also chose to partner with us at MBP!

My Mary Kay package from Maria
A lovely handwritten note, business card, products in the great black and pink MK bag, and instructions/information about the products.

Inside my pink and black Mary Kay bag was a product I have yet to try and I don't know how I have been living without this product-Satin Lips. Mary Kay Satin Lips is a very simple two step system to gently exfoliate and moisturize your lips. If any of you have used MK's Satin Hands, I would highly recommend Satin Lips. It is just as amazing!
The first step is the Satin Lips Lip Mask
 The MK Satin Lips Lip Mask is a .3 oz container of miniature beads that gently exfoliate dead surface skin cells. It is fragrance free and hypoallergenic and retails for $9.50. The Lip Mask is super easy to use, just gently apply the mask to your lips, wait 1-2 minutes, and remove. I could feel smoother and fuller lips just after using the mask. I know this winter my chapped lips will be getting lots of use from the Lip Mask.
The second step is the Satin Lips Lip Balm
The MK Satin Lips Lip Balm is a .3 oz container of a combination of ingredients, including Green tea extract, Vitamins A, C, and E derivatives, and Ceramide 2, to moisturize dry lips for at least six hours. It also provides an invisible barrier to help keep your lips hydrated, fragrance free, and hypoallergenic, and retails for $9.50. The Lip Balm is even easier to use, if that is possible, just swipe the balm on your lips and you are done! My lips felt super smooth and really refreshed after using the Satin Lips Lip Balm.
The Satin Lips Lip Set is a great Mary Kay product.
Maria sent me some great information and I was really interested to learn more about my lips.
Lips have an extremely thin outer protective layer. As the body ages, the already thin layer becomes thinner. To compound the situation, lip skin does not have sweat or sebaceous glands. Without the usual protective layer of sweat and body oils, the lips dry out faster, become chapped more easily and can age faster than other areas of the skin. Satin Lips® Lip Mask effectively exfoliates dead surface skin cells that cause lips to appear dull and lifeless, preparing them for the best application of supermoisturizing Satin Lips® Lip Balm for soft, kissable lips.
The Mary Kay Satin Lips Lip Set is very gentle and effective for creating soft, moisturized lips. I know from using the Satin Hands, my hands always feel wonderful, and now so do my lips. The recommended usage is 3-4 times a week, and the set should last you around 11 months. You can buy the Satin Lips set for $18, which is a great deal for almost a year of smooth, healthy lips.

Read Maria's other Mary Kay SS reviews on MBP
Want It? Buy It!
Shop Mary Kay with Maria and see what you can find. This is a great way to keep your Mary Kay information and get great ideas, recommendations, and looks, visit the myMK page. Interested in becoming a consultant, check here. Want to have an MK party, many different options are available by visiting here and find out the newest tips and trends here. You can also Like Mary Kay with Maria on Facebook or follow Mary Kay with Maria on Twitter.

Want It? Win It!
 Maria has offered for one lucky reader to win a Satin Lips set from Mary Kay
Just use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter to win. Remember- if the entry field appears in BOLD, it's mandatory. Open to US residents only.

Thank you to Maria and Mary Kay once again this month! MBP loves working with such generous people and Maria, you are one of them!

Thanks and Good Luck!

Disclosure: Other than the above mentioned products, which I received directly from this sponsor for review purposes, I was not compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ. Mommy's Block Party and its team members are not responsible for prize fulfillment or shipment- this is the understood responsibility of the giveaway sponsor.

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Thursday Afternoon Winners

Hey everyone, we've got a few giveaway winners to announce.
Are you one of them?

Voda Swim: #1096: Ann L.
WOW Toys: #658: Christy A.
Heartland Boutique: #428: Shena L.
COIN 1804: #1899: Elizabeth S.
NatureBox: #304: Stacy M.

Congrats to our winners! You have all been e-mailed and have 48 hours to submit your info to our winner's form. Your info will be forwarded to the sponsors from there.

Didn't win this time? Don't worry! We have lots of giveaways going on right now, and lots more to come! Check back often, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, or by e-mail, so you never miss a chance to win!

Cookie Lee Fine Fashion Jewelry (Review)

Cookie Lee Fine Fashion Jewelry
W/ Stacia Smilek

I’ve always like earrings but within the last few years I have started to love earrings! (Especially big flashy ones) I am a full believer that if you have short hair, or wear your hair up you MUST wear earrings. I feel like earrings have the ability to really make you look beautiful, no matter what you are wearing. They draw attention to your face and enhance the sparkle in your eyes.

Lucky for me Spotlight Sponsor Stacia Smilek from Cookie Lee sent me a great new pair of hoops. They are the perfect size and have just enough bling to be school appropriate but still nightlife ready. They are lightweight and have a great clasp in the back so I won’t lose them. They look great with black outfits or anything with a splash of orange. I got tons of compliments on them, and I love how they look with my new shirt.

Cookie Lee has a wide variety of great jewelry. 
Here are some of my favorite pieces...

Headbands are really “in” right now, and Cookie Lee doesn’t disappoint. They also have a line of hair accessories. 

If you are looking for a nice yet inexpensive piece of jewelry Cookie Lee is the place for you. They have tons of different styles all at great prices.


Here are some of Stacia’s best sellers. Aren’t all they super cute?

Want it? Buy It!
Stacia is offering a great purchase deal for MBP readers! All MBP readers will get 30% off their entire order when purchasing through her website


Special thanks Stacia Smilek and Cookie Lee or sponsoring this awesome review!

Disclosure: Other than the above mentioned item, which I received directly from this sponsor, for review purposes, I was not compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ

Waliki Toys: Benny the Jumping Bull (Review & Giveaway)

Keeping my busy little B entertained can be hard work. He's too young to go to wee pre-school, and not completely potty trained, yet, so he's at home with me, all day, every day. I love the time that we get to spend together, but at this age, Balian can't keep his attention focused on something for too long, before he's bored, frustrated, or just ready to move onto the next thing. I've been looking for some fun playthings for him to use while inside the house. I was thinking that ride-ons would be great, but I don't want my floors scratched by wooden or hard plastic wheels.


While browsing for ride-on toys, I came across Waliki Toys, which offers a super fun approach to ride-ons for kids. Waliki Toys is based in Florida, and aims to make exercise fun for kids, by providing them with fun, and safe inflatable toys that encourages them to move! It all started 18 years ago, with a jumping ball- and today, Waliki makes jumping balls, inflatable ride on dinosaurs, and many bounce houses, too!

Waliki Toys: Benny the Jumping Bull

Daniel over at Waliki Toys was kind enough to send Balian one of Waliki's famous Benny the Jumping Bull toys. Since this playful bull was age appropriate, and made of safe materials, I was all for B trying Benny out!

Benny the Jumping Bull- ready to be blown up and played with!

We received a blue colored Benny the Jumping Bull, and I was excited to see Balian interact with this new toy. Benny came to us deflated (as all of the Waliki Toys do), but included a small, easy to use hand pump. I simply inserted the nozzle of the pump into the air hole of the Waliki Toy, pumped it full of air, and then placed the plug in the hole, to seal the air in. After that, Benny the Jumping Bull was ready to go, and so was Balian!

At first, Balian just wanted to talk to his new toy, so I let them get acquainted with one another. I told Balian that the bull's name was Benny, and that he was his new friend. That was all that Balian needed to hear. He immediately crouched down to Benny the Bull's face, and said, 'Hi Benny!' When I explained to Balian that he could go for a ride on Benny, his eyes lit up. I helped Balian onto Benny's back, and let him bounce on him a little bit. He didn't quite have the balance thing down yet, so he crashed forward, thankfully, into me, instead of the floor. This was my cue to ask my hubby to put some more air into Benny. We figured out that Benny buckled under Balian because he just didn't have enough air in him.

A little cowboy in the making...

After we added more air to Benny, he and Balian were pretty much inseperable. I had a rough time trying to explain to Balian why Benny couldn't sleep with him. Benny the Jumping Bull is a cool dude, with his star detail, and his super cool dude shades. Balian loves bouncing on Benny. I like that he can play with Benny in the living room while watching a television program or movie, and still get some exercise. Benny keeps Balian entertained, and very busy! We've taken Benny with us to grandma's house, and we accidentally left him there one night- the next day, we had a very unhappy little boy on our hands. Balian leads Benny around the house like he's his pet, and we just smile at him.

Features of Benny the Jumping Bull

AGES 18 months to 6 years.
SIZE Height of the saddle is 13 inches when fully inflated. Max weight 150 lbs.
MATERIAL Made of durable, heavy duty vinyl.
Contains no latex or banned phthalates.
Made in China.
SET UP Easily inflates with the included hand pump or with an optional larger pump.

Waliki Toys also makes a variety of other ride ons, including...

Danny Dino Rider (Ages 4-7)

Danny Dino Ball (Ages 2-5)

Jumping Hot Dog (Ages 4-9)

 Balian loves his Benny the Jumping Bull, and we've enjoyed watching him have so much fun with such a neat toy. We've had zero accidents while playing with Benny (except for the initial fall-forward, which was my fault), and feel good about letting Balian play on Benny, as long as someone else is in the room with him.

Want It? Buy It!

Check out all of the neat inflatables that Waliki Toys has to offer on their website, and learn more about where you can purchase your favorites! Waliki is on Zulily every now and then, so if you shop on Zulily, add Waliki to your favorites! You can connect with Waliki Toys, and catch their videos on YouTube!

Want It? Win It!

One lucky reader will win their very own *Blue* Benny the Jumping Bull from Waliki Toys. Just use the handy Rafflecopter entry form below to enter for your chance to win!

Special thanks to Daniel at Waliki Toys for allowing us to experience a whole new kind of fun, and for offering this great giveaway for our readers!

Good luck!

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Pure Romance w/ Karen spotlight sponsor

Pure Romance w/

Spotlight Sponsor

Please note that the Pure Romance website contains adult material that may not be suitable for people under 18.

Here on MBP we have been doing a lot of back to school features. This back to school feature is going to be your favorite; well it’s my favorite at least. When you think of Pure Romance you probably don’t think of back to school. However, by the time you are done reading this you will fully understand how much Pure Romance made my back to school week great!

Back to school time can be stressful for everyone, but it’s especially stressful for moms and teachers. I know the week before school starts I am more stressed than any other time of the year. Trying to get my classroom ready, and working on new curriculums feels like the running of the bulls. Am I going to be ready and ahead of the pack or are the students going to run in full force and spear me with their theoretical horns? Year after year I avoid the horns like a skilled matador but let me tell you, my nerves are shot!

This year, thanks to Karen Marder and my amazing hubby, I was still stressed but I was more relaxed than ever before. Karen sent me a Pure Romance Hot Heart Massager to try out and review and Josh was willing to give me a massage with the Hot Heart Massager. (I had to return the favor and give him one too, but it was worth it!) We used theHot Heart Massager with some Pure Romance massage oil that we had received for our wedding, and let me tell you ladies this experience was beyond amazing. The Hot Heart Massager gets nice and warm to relax even your tightest muscles and the massage oil has an extremely relaxing scent. These two items could save you a fortune in parlor massages!

The Hot Heart Massager is really neat to use too. There is a little metal button inside that you snap and it magically crystallizes the goo inside and boom instant heat. The Hot Heart Massager doesn’t only give a great massage; you can use it as a hand warmer at your chilly outside activities or as a heating pad. The Hot Heart Massager is great for helping get rid of monthly cramps as well. Since it is reusable there really isn’t and end to the uses of the Hot Heart Massager. I’ve thought about getting one at every Pure Romance party I’ve been too but I can’t believe its taken me this long to get one! They are amazing!

Do you have a Hot Heart Massager already, or are you looking for something new to spice up your love life? Pure Romance has a variety of items to fit everyone’s needs. From books to massage oils, and lotions to bedroom items, Pure Romance is your love life help line.

Want it? Buy It!
If you are interested in your own Hot Heart Massager, or any of Pure Romance’s other awesome products just check out Karen’s page. She’ll be glad to help with your private orders in any way she can.

Want it? Win it!
One lucky MBP reader can win their own Hot Heart Massager. Just fill out the easy entry form below. Good luck to all who enter!

Thinking About Direct Sales? Do Your Research!

I'm waking up to a disappointing e-mail this morning. I was wrapping up a review for a direct sales company, Bamboo Pink, yesterday, but had trouble pulling up their website to grab a couple of stock photos. I tried and tried, with no result, so headed to their Facebook page, which looked like a ghost town. I saw a couple of comments from consultants and customers saying that they couldn't get through to customer service, and they wondered if the company was even still open?

I e-mailed their customer service department, asking if their website was down? The response came, and said that the company had 'dissolved,' and was no longer in business. I was shocked, as I thought their company was doing well. Bamboo Pink offered pretty jewelry by Jude Frances. They sent me several sample pieces, which I have worn and enjoyed. They failed to let me know what was going on with their company, though, and I'm honestly glad they if they had to close their doors, they did it before I could get my review posted, and promote their products and their business opportunity.

I am NOT knocking direct sales. I, myself am part of a wonderful direct sales company, and have a downline that I care about. Direct sales opportunities can be a wonderful thing for a family in need, a person who wants to share their love of helping people, and making them feel good, someone who wants to be their own boss and make their own schedule, etc. Companies like Mary Kay and The Pampered Chef, and even Tupperware have paved the way for women to be able to stay at home and raise their children, but still have their own successful business.

A lot of the companies we feature here on MBP are direct sales companies. We share about them because we love their products, and we want to share the opportunity with our readers. We have some wonderful, hard-working businesswomen in direct sales, who have joined us as Spotlight Sponsors. We highlight their products and their business opportunity each month, so that our readers can make informed decisions about purchases, hosting a party, or starting their own business.

Bamboo Pink is the second direct sales company, however, to close their doors while we were working on a review. Chartreuss closed their doors in April, and we were scheduled to review some of their products, as well. All I'm saying here, is do your research if you're thinking about getting into direct sales. I would hate for anyone to start up a new business with a company that is failing, and not letting on to their consultants or customers. No one needs to make an investment is a company that's going under. When I started poking around the internet and reading more about Bamboo Pink, I saw several negative reviews about the way their consultants were allowed to do business, lousy customer service reviews and even complains from some of the consultants claiming that they made sales, but never received commission checks. One consultant went so far as to tell others that she was going to sue the company.

When I joined Home Interiors as an Independent Consultant in 2008, I had no idea that the company was bankrupt. I invested a few hundred dollars, and just a few months later, my new business was in jeopardy. Thankfully, HI was bought out by a company called Home and Garden Party, and they graciously took on all HI consultants and accepted them into their family. We assumed a new, joint company under a new name, Celebrating Home, which is still going strong today, and I'm thankful to be a part of it.

There are a lot of new direct sales companies- they seem to pop up every day! There are so many of them, that I can't even keep up with them all, for wanting to introduce our community to their products and opportunity. Please just know that when we showcase a business opportunity here on MBP, it is still up to the reader to do the proper research on the company. I'm not a journalist, and don't have time to investigate each and every company we share about. So, please, please- just be cautious, use your good judgement, and make decisions based on facts. There's a reason why companies like Mary Kay are still booming after all these years.

We have a select handful of women we trust, and we know that they'll be happy to answer any questions you may have about what it's like to own a direct sales business. Our Spotlight Sponsors info can be found to the right of our homepage, underneath our archived posts. Chat with any of these girls for their honest feedback- they're fantastic women who care about their businesses, and their customers.

As for Bamboo Pink- their jewelry was cute. I liked it, and will probably still wear it. Hate that so many consultants lost their jobs, their downlines, and what they invested in this company.

Wanna talk about it? Leave a comment and we'll get a discussion going.

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Thirty One with Dottie Review and Giveaway

August Spotlight Sponsor

Bags, purses, totes, and more! Thirty One is a great company to find products to help make our lives easier, and as a busy parent, I will take anything that will help. A few short months ago, well maybe 8 or so, I had never owned a product from Thirty One. Fast forward to today and my collection has steadily grown and I LOVE it!

Thirty One was launched in 2003 and as one of the fastest growing direct sales company, they recently celebrated their 4 millionth order! MBP is lucky enough to have our very own Spotlight Sponsor Dottie Brown sharing her love of Thirty One with all of us.  To read about Dottie's journey to selling Thirty One products, visit here.

Dottie first contacted me to get all my information, since it was the first time we would be working together. She is super friendly and couldn't wait to share some awesome Thirty One products with me. She gave me a choice of product, which was great because I was heading to a friend's Thirty One party around the same time and I didn't want to get the same item twice (at least not quite yet). After looking at both my options from Dottie, I decided on the one I thought a certain 5 year old would love to have.

A certain 5 year old is waiting patiently to open the Thirty One package from Dottie.

Ready, Set, Go!

"Is this for me?"

Dottie sent us the Cinch Sac
From the Thirty One Product Details
The Cinch Sac is so cute and sporty! Toss all your items for ballet, soccer, school and sleepovers into this bag, pull the drawstring and you’re good to go! There are so many patterns and colors to choose from to make it uniquely yours. Measures approx: 18.5”H x 14.5”W. Retails $20.

Beckett has seen the older soccer players carry similar products to the Thirty One Cinch Sac and always commented on how cool they looked. His sister recently got her own from gymnastics, so he was really feeling left out. He couldn't believe his eyes when he opened the Thirty One package and found his very own Cinch Sac in Camo with his name in the team color-lime green!

The Thirty One Cinch Sac is a great bag for anyone. It is made of a lightweight nylon and currently available in ten pattern/color options. We went with Camo because I felt it was the best boy option. It also has a drawstring top, which is very easy to use and seals the sac closed. There is also a zippered front pouch, perfect for holding anything extra you want to be protected. It is not machine washable, but can be wiped with a damp cloth and air dried.

The game is still a few days away, but the soccer balls are packed and ready to go.
B fit two, size 4, soccer balls in his Cinch Sac without any problems, there was also room for a bottle of water. We also threw in snack money in the zippered portion of the Cinch Sac. B is all set for Game Day now.

Game Day!
His teammates were really impressed with his cool bag with lime green letters. B was so excited to look like all the older soccer players too! Thanks Dottie for helping us out on the field!

Although we are currently using the Thirty One Cinch Sac for soccer, it would also be great for an overnight bag, dance/gymnastics items, and any number of things in between. I know B is happy with his new bag and so is his Mommy.

Dottie also sent us the Wristlet Key Fob
From the Thirty One Product Details
A longer key fob allows you to fit it around your wrist…and keep your keys within easy reach! Prints and patterns coordinate with most of our other styles. Measures approx: 6.5”H x 1”W. Retails $5.

I love the Wristlet Key Fob for its perfect size. It can easily be carried in hand, wrapped on the wrist, or tossed in a purse (the longer fob makes it easily stand out). It is available in three different fabrics and seven color/pattern options. Dottie sent me the denim fabric in Dark Denim. The denim has a dark brown lining and ribbon trim. The large metal key ring is easily maneuvered to attach my car keys and also has a small metal Thirty One hang tag. It is also manly enough my husband does not feel weird holding the keys.

I just went to a Thirty One party the other night (not Dottie unfortunately) and let me tell you, the fall catalog has some great items and deals. I got a Large Utility Tote, Littles Carry-All Caddy, and a Mini Zipper Pouch.  There is also a great new color option that I love and got the Mini Zipper Pouch in for Scarlett, she is so excited to put her LaLa Loopsies inside. Dottie can help you get the Fall product information so don't wait too long!
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Thank you to Dottie and Thirty One for sending a Cinch Sac for my soccer loving kiddo and offering one to a lucky MBP reader too!
Thanks and Good Luck!

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