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Here on MBP we have been doing a lot of back to school features. This back to school feature is going to be your favorite; well it’s my favorite at least. When you think of Pure Romance you probably don’t think of back to school. However, by the time you are done reading this you will fully understand how much Pure Romance made my back to school week great!

Back to school time can be stressful for everyone, but it’s especially stressful for moms and teachers. I know the week before school starts I am more stressed than any other time of the year. Trying to get my classroom ready, and working on new curriculums feels like the running of the bulls. Am I going to be ready and ahead of the pack or are the students going to run in full force and spear me with their theoretical horns? Year after year I avoid the horns like a skilled matador but let me tell you, my nerves are shot!

This year, thanks to Karen Marder and my amazing hubby, I was still stressed but I was more relaxed than ever before. Karen sent me a Pure Romance Hot Heart Massager to try out and review and Josh was willing to give me a massage with the Hot Heart Massager. (I had to return the favor and give him one too, but it was worth it!) We used theHot Heart Massager with some Pure Romance massage oil that we had received for our wedding, and let me tell you ladies this experience was beyond amazing. The Hot Heart Massager gets nice and warm to relax even your tightest muscles and the massage oil has an extremely relaxing scent. These two items could save you a fortune in parlor massages!

The Hot Heart Massager is really neat to use too. There is a little metal button inside that you snap and it magically crystallizes the goo inside and boom instant heat. The Hot Heart Massager doesn’t only give a great massage; you can use it as a hand warmer at your chilly outside activities or as a heating pad. The Hot Heart Massager is great for helping get rid of monthly cramps as well. Since it is reusable there really isn’t and end to the uses of the Hot Heart Massager. I’ve thought about getting one at every Pure Romance party I’ve been too but I can’t believe its taken me this long to get one! They are amazing!

Do you have a Hot Heart Massager already, or are you looking for something new to spice up your love life? Pure Romance has a variety of items to fit everyone’s needs. From books to massage oils, and lotions to bedroom items, Pure Romance is your love life help line.

Want it? Buy It!
If you are interested in your own Hot Heart Massager, or any of Pure Romance’s other awesome products just check out Karen’s page. She’ll be glad to help with your private orders in any way she can.

Want it? Win it!
One lucky MBP reader can win their own Hot Heart Massager. Just fill out the easy entry form below. Good luck to all who enter!

Special thanks Karen Marder and Pure Romance for sponsoring this awesome review and giveaway!

Disclosure: Other than the above mentioned item, which I received directly from this sponsor, for review purposes, I was not compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ


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  2. ive never tried their products before... this looks lovely though


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