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Waliki Toys: Benny the Jumping Bull (Review & Giveaway)

Keeping my busy little B entertained can be hard work. He's too young to go to wee pre-school, and not completely potty trained, yet, so he's at home with me, all day, every day. I love the time that we get to spend together, but at this age, Balian can't keep his attention focused on something for too long, before he's bored, frustrated, or just ready to move onto the next thing. I've been looking for some fun playthings for him to use while inside the house. I was thinking that ride-ons would be great, but I don't want my floors scratched by wooden or hard plastic wheels.


While browsing for ride-on toys, I came across Waliki Toys, which offers a super fun approach to ride-ons for kids. Waliki Toys is based in Florida, and aims to make exercise fun for kids, by providing them with fun, and safe inflatable toys that encourages them to move! It all started 18 years ago, with a jumping ball- and today, Waliki makes jumping balls, inflatable ride on dinosaurs, and many bounce houses, too!

Waliki Toys: Benny the Jumping Bull

Daniel over at Waliki Toys was kind enough to send Balian one of Waliki's famous Benny the Jumping Bull toys. Since this playful bull was age appropriate, and made of safe materials, I was all for B trying Benny out!

Benny the Jumping Bull- ready to be blown up and played with!

We received a blue colored Benny the Jumping Bull, and I was excited to see Balian interact with this new toy. Benny came to us deflated (as all of the Waliki Toys do), but included a small, easy to use hand pump. I simply inserted the nozzle of the pump into the air hole of the Waliki Toy, pumped it full of air, and then placed the plug in the hole, to seal the air in. After that, Benny the Jumping Bull was ready to go, and so was Balian!

At first, Balian just wanted to talk to his new toy, so I let them get acquainted with one another. I told Balian that the bull's name was Benny, and that he was his new friend. That was all that Balian needed to hear. He immediately crouched down to Benny the Bull's face, and said, 'Hi Benny!' When I explained to Balian that he could go for a ride on Benny, his eyes lit up. I helped Balian onto Benny's back, and let him bounce on him a little bit. He didn't quite have the balance thing down yet, so he crashed forward, thankfully, into me, instead of the floor. This was my cue to ask my hubby to put some more air into Benny. We figured out that Benny buckled under Balian because he just didn't have enough air in him.

A little cowboy in the making...

After we added more air to Benny, he and Balian were pretty much inseperable. I had a rough time trying to explain to Balian why Benny couldn't sleep with him. Benny the Jumping Bull is a cool dude, with his star detail, and his super cool dude shades. Balian loves bouncing on Benny. I like that he can play with Benny in the living room while watching a television program or movie, and still get some exercise. Benny keeps Balian entertained, and very busy! We've taken Benny with us to grandma's house, and we accidentally left him there one night- the next day, we had a very unhappy little boy on our hands. Balian leads Benny around the house like he's his pet, and we just smile at him.

Features of Benny the Jumping Bull

AGES 18 months to 6 years.
SIZE Height of the saddle is 13 inches when fully inflated. Max weight 150 lbs.
MATERIAL Made of durable, heavy duty vinyl.
Contains no latex or banned phthalates.
Made in China.
SET UP Easily inflates with the included hand pump or with an optional larger pump.

Waliki Toys also makes a variety of other ride ons, including...

Danny Dino Rider (Ages 4-7)

Danny Dino Ball (Ages 2-5)

Jumping Hot Dog (Ages 4-9)

 Balian loves his Benny the Jumping Bull, and we've enjoyed watching him have so much fun with such a neat toy. We've had zero accidents while playing with Benny (except for the initial fall-forward, which was my fault), and feel good about letting Balian play on Benny, as long as someone else is in the room with him.

Want It? Buy It!

Check out all of the neat inflatables that Waliki Toys has to offer on their website, and learn more about where you can purchase your favorites! Waliki is on Zulily every now and then, so if you shop on Zulily, add Waliki to your favorites! You can connect with Waliki Toys, and catch their videos on YouTube!

Want It? Win It!

One lucky reader will win their very own *Blue* Benny the Jumping Bull from Waliki Toys. Just use the handy Rafflecopter entry form below to enter for your chance to win!

Special thanks to Daniel at Waliki Toys for allowing us to experience a whole new kind of fun, and for offering this great giveaway for our readers!

Good luck!

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  1. If I'm dreaming, I love the Slide and Splash!

  2. It's so important to encourage active play to set up healthy habits that will last a lifetime!

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  5. With everything becoming electronic these days, it's important to encourage kids to get as much exercise as possible, even indoors!

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  8. toys that encourage kids to be active are important to me because I'm very active...so they need to be able to keep up ( maybe even push me a little)

  9. My son would love Danny Dino Rider! They all look like so much fun, and so cute too!

  10. It's important to me because I want my children to stay active, to be healthy and to start good habits while they are still young!

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  12. Especially these days with so many electronics/video games/tv easily available I think it's important to offer fun toys like this to get kids active to stay healthy!


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