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Roadtrip Spa Day At Asheville's Wake Foot Sanctuary


Thanks to Wake Foot Sanctuary for sponsoring my visit to their day spa and this post. All thoughts are my own. 

More than 4000 years ago, Ancient Egyptians developed a form of pressure therapy to aid in their health and healing. Ancient Chinese and Indian methods were also developed around the same time. Fast-forward a few years, and Chinese Foot Reflexology appeared in Europe between 1200 and 1300. It morphed and evolved over time, just as the ancient practices of massage did in Roman Culture.

Why the brief history lesson on foot massage and reflexology? For you, readers, to gain an understanding that these practices have been around a long time and once were a part of regular daily health for all types of people: from emperors to those in need of healing. 

Our spa treatments today have all developed from these ancient and sometimes, historical, methods and practices. And yes, they do have amazing benefits for our bodies as well. 

Last week, I had the chance to visit Wake Foot Sanctuary in Asheville, NC. This particular spa is specifically geared towards our feet. Our feet are one of the most important parts of our body! With 33 joints, 26 bones, and various types of tendons, ligaments, and muscle, our feet help us propel forward, move, stand, and bears the weight of us and more!

When our feet are tired, its effects are felt throughout our entire body. Tired and sore feet affect the legs, then the hips, all the way up into our spines and necks!

After a week of my Asheville road trip as a tourist, it was definitely time to pay attention to my feet! Lots of walking, lots of standing, and lots of sitting had not made for two happy parts of my body. 

My own Signature Smooth Soak. 

Thus, Wake Foot Sanctuary's soothing foot soak was an absolute delight and joy! This day spa is NOT a manicure place, so no pokes, prods, and paints your toenails. Rather, Wake Foot Sanctuary provides soothing soaks to ail your aching feet. They also do provide some massage options as well. Right now, there are two Wake Foot Sanctuary: Asheville (NC) and Knoxville (TN). 

Wake Foot Sanctuary is located in the heart of downtown Asheville within the Grove Park Arcade. It can seat probably around 8–10 guests and is perfect for a family gathering, wedding/ bachelorette party friends, or even just family looking for a mini spa day! No matter whether it's sisters, mother/ daughter, or even spouses looking for a spa day, this is a relaxing experience that all can enjoy! 

My sister and I did book our appointments in advance and that is highly recommended as they do book up fast. We each booked a 45-minute foot soak. 

My sister added a 40-min massage onto hers at the very start and I had added a 20-minute massage. Massages are available as add-ons in 20 minute increments. 

Warm neck wraps are a definite plus for relaxation!

The massage options include: feet & legs, head, neck, & shoulders, or hand and lower arm. You can choose to designate different areas if you are doing 40 minutes of massage, or you can choose to only focus on one area. 

Originally, I had only planned on the 20-min leg & foot massage but at the very last minute, once my therapist came over to my chair, I decided to opt in for the head, neck, & shoulder massage as well. So that was two separate options, 20 minutes each. Needless to say, I could have stayed in that foot soak and had the massage therapist for a very long time! 

Upon arrival to Wake Foot Sanctuary, you are immediately greeted by the aroma of all the wonderful soaps, lotions, and relaxation products the spa has available for purchase. While waiting to check in, we perused the storefront and there are so many options!

Enjoying a glass of ice water during the soak. An assortment of drinks and confections is available!

At check-in, our attendant provided us with a menu of foot soaks to choose from. You do not have to select at the time of booking, which is nice. There is a regular menu selection of foot soaks but seasonal ones may be offered throughout the month, so be sure to ask and stay to date with Wake Foot Sanctuary's Social Media.

It was very hard to choose, and so I decided to ask the attendant for help! I wanted something that would help soothe my tired and aching feet from hiking all over Biltmore the day before! She recommended the Signature Soothe soak. This soak is a combination of lavender, tea tree, clary, and Epsom salt oils combined with beautiful hot water. 

My sister decided to get the Tea Tree and Mint soak. This soak contains tea tree oil, peppermint, and avocado oil and is aimed to help out dead dry skin. 

Hot Vanilla Spice Tea w/ Honey for me, Hard Cider & Shortbread cookie assortment for my sister.

We then were asked if we wanted to browse their menu of confections and drinks. This appointment was right before dinner, so I was not really expecting to eat or drink much, but do love me a good cup of hot tea.  Wake Foot Sanctuary tries to partner with local bakeries and industries as much as possible. 

At any rate, I ended up with a luxurious cup of Vanilla Spice tea with honey to accompany it along with an ice-cold glass of water, because well, it was still summer and hot outside! 

My sister decided to get a cider and a shortbread cookie assortment. Cookies are made in a local bakery. 

After picking up selections, we are instructed to leave our shoes and coats on a bench/ hook area and are given slippers for our feet that we will be allowed to keep! A restroom is available for those who are needed. Finally, an attendant will come out and escort you to your seats. 

This is a dark and quiet room with spa like seating, but sounds from outside and from across the Arcade can still be heard, so it's not completely soundproof. This only bothered me slightly and only distracted from the experience very slightly. 

Overall, it was a wonderful soothing and calm environment to take a break from the hectic "on the go" nature of our vacation trip. 

After being escorted to our seats, our attendants came out with a huge basis filled with hot water and our foot soak. We are instructed to place our feet into the basins and onwards the experience goes!

My sister enjoying her Tea Tree & Mint Foot Soak

The foot soak is a mixture of hot water (but not boiling hot) and the salts + oils that were picked in the beginning. Once I placed my feet into the mixture, I immediately noticed tension easing away. The muscles and stiffness further relaxed after my attendant began the massage experience. 

Beginning with the shoulders, head, and neck was amazing. Finding the right pressure points is extremely important during these types of things. I also loved how the scalp was included as well!

I highly recommend a foot massage if you aren't squeamish about people touching your feet. It felt amazing after two days at Biltmore! 

Then, moving downward to the feet and legs rounded out this experience. The relaxation started to make me want to fall asleep! 

In between the two massages, hot water was added to our basins so that we could continue to bask in our foot soak experience. Afterward, our soaks wrapped up with the drying of feet and a nice lotion was added to our feet before we were sent on our way.

I highly enjoyed this experience and recommend that you book an appointment with Wake Foot Sanctuary the next time you are in Asheville. It's not a full spa, so only foot soaks with limited spa experiences are offered. 

Yet, it's a day spa that will renew and refresh your spirit, mind, and body! Typically, while on road trips and vacations, we are on our feet more with walking, hiking, etc, so having this day spa available is truly a joy and wonder! I actually wish that a unique business like this was available near me. Regular spas are great, but sometimes we just need that foot soak to soothe our tired feet! 

Want it? Visit it!

Find your favorite foot soak and make an appointment at Wake Foot Sanctuary for a unique and relaxing experience! 

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