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Give Mom "The Full Routine" for Mother's Day


A very special thank you to Vegamour for sending me product samples to try and to review!

I'm a Mom just trying to hang on to my youth and dignity like everyone else out there. I think having kids is fantastic for character building in that you are inevitably humbled to the role of caregiver and, to be honest, servant of the household. It's important, therefore,  for Moms to take time for self care and make it a priority. This Mother's Day, give yourself or a Mom you love the gift of wellness - starting at the roots! 

The hair roots, I mean. I think one of the most pampering things you can do for yourself is to "get your hair done" - and it's not cheap (especially in this economy...). There is something so refreshing about knowing that you are taking care of your hair - it's our most outward forms of self expression and wellbeing. A "bad hair day" is serious business - it can really throw your whole vibe off beat. Most of us struggle with hair troubles every now and again - damage done from styling or chemical treatments, brittle/weak or dull hair or even hair loss and thinning. 

I recently had a *once in a lifetime* hair experience that decimated my hair - down to the roots. I decided to get a texture perm. Not that all perms are bad... I don't know if they are or not... I just know what this particular perm did to my hair is unforgivable. So unforgivable, that I decided to cut my hair off! That's right - I got a pixie haircut to mitigate the damage done. The chemicals literally burned my hair off down to the scalp in some places! Now that is bad. 

So when Vegamour offered me a chance to heal my hair from the inside out, I jumped right up and took that opportunity! They told me that they were going to send me "The Full Routine"... it sounded serious and I was down for some serious haircare. Let me just tell you that *in summary* this product line is SCIENCE at it's best. Hair science, people. They have thoughtfully analyzed the process of hair growth and created products that fully enhance that process from the inside out. 

So that was a good place for me to start, the inside out, since I had cut off most of my hair. Even the hair that was left was chemically damaged. I can only assume my scalp has been assaulted and offended also. Not a great environment for growing a great new head of hair. Good thing Vegamour has a plan for starting your hair over on the right foot, or shall I say, follicle. Enter:
The Full Routine

The Full Routine starts with a scalp detoxifier - get that scalp ready to receive the best hair nutrition around. Our poor little scalp takes a lot of abuse with all the buildup from styling products and physical damage from styling and the elements. No wonder it wants to defend itself and not play nice anymore. Vegamour's scalp detoxifier gently coaxes the scalp back to life and clears out any buildup that might stand in the way of the fabulous GRO shampoo and conditioner regimen that you are about to experience. 

A little tidbit about Vegamour - it's a vegan, cruelty free company - so at the very heart of the regimen is a philosophy of total wellness. environmental responsibility and overall good intentions toward the planet and life. That is a good place to start, in my opinion. Next, they have done their homework - they learned all about the life cycle of a hair follicle and they figured out what nutrients and practices to use to facilitate a healthy environment for that process. One cool innovation that this product line offers is Karmatin - a bioavailable form of the animal protein Keratin. Bioavailable means that the body can actually use this plant based protein, which isn't always the case with keratin. That means that these products produce real results.

So back to the routine... first there is a scalp detoxifier, then a yummy smelling shampoo and conditioner (think juicy orange/sweet almond scent), then there is a hair GRO serum to condition and stimulate the scalp. Best results occur when you use the serum daily with the shampoo and conditioner. The detoxifier is a weekly treatment. The Full Routine also includes a *healthy for you* dry shampoo spray that will hold you over until you and the shower meet again, without the scalp clogging buildup. Last but not least, there is a yummy Biotin gummy to enjoy to boost all of your best hair growing efforts from the inside out! Whew - they really thought of everything! 

I'm really encouraged by the holistic approach of the GRO Full Routine regimen. I am hoping for excellent, luxurious results! So, do yourself a favor and pamper yourself for Mother's Day in a meaningful way. Invest in the health of your scalp and hair from the inside out with Vegamour! 

Want it? Get it!

To get started with your own hair wellness routine, visit Vegamour by clicking here and take your very own hair wellness quiz to see what products would be most helpful for your unique hair needs. Or, go full force with THE FULL ROUTINE, like I did! You will know that you are doing something good for yourself and investing in your overall wellbeing. 

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