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5 Things On My Spring Cleaning List

 The good news is: spring is here! The bad news is: my house is cluttered and dusty from the winter and fall. Here are the top five chores I'm putting on my spring cleaning to do list to help me feel fresh and clean and ready to take on spring!

1. Clean the windows. First things first, let some sunshine in! Get out the step ladder and some window cleaner and get those windows sparkly clean in just a few minutes! It's not something that you do all the time, but it will feel good to have it done for the new season. 

2. Wipe down the baseboards and cabinets. This project seems daunting at first thought. All you need to do is get a bucket with some soapy water - dish soap works great - and a rag and do a quick swipe over those dusty and grimy baseboards and cabinet doors. You probably won't even think of it again after you've done it, but you'll know that you have truly cleaned the house from bottom to top (at least once this year). 

3. Dust those ceiling fans. This one is a year round sort of chore but spring is a good time to do it! I love using the extended Swiffer dusters for this job - they make it much easier to reach the fan blades and they do a great job of collecting all the dust bunnies without spreading them into the air (too much).

4. Declutter something. Anything. Everything? Things pile up. They pile up really fast if you have three kids bringing home school papers and growing out of shoes and clothes every week. Or what about all those eyeshadows you have tried out... or scented candles. What about your craft bin? Or the pantry. Ok. I've given myself anxiety writing this. But, the easiest way to conquer clutter is to consistently get rid of 3-5 things each time you visit the specific area of your home. Going in the pantry? Grab 3 things that you forgot you had in there or are expired and throw them out. Pro tip: don't make yourself feel guilty for wasting things. Just clear stuff out. 

5. Get rid of unfinished projects. Seriously, let that stuff go. Broken items, clothes that need mending, unfinished crafts, books you never read... that box of scrap wood that you thought you might use one day... clothes that you *might* fit into again... All of these things are not useful - they are burdens. Again, pro tip: don't make yourself feel guilty for wasting things. Just get rid of it and be free. 

Spring cleaning isn't about having a perfectly clean home - it's just about doing some of those jobs that you don't need to do all the time but need to do occasionally to keep things tidy. It's also a great time to clear away some of the burdensome clutter that has accumulated in your home over the past year. What are some of your best cleaning tips for when you want to spruce things up? Comment and let us know!

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