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A Guide to the Top 5 Free Things on Earth


Who doesn't enjoy an occasional freebie? Many especially appreciate no-cost products and services during a struggling economy like we have today. But besides small items, what are the really great free things you can get in an era when inflation is constantly eating away at buying power? A few of the very best are wonders of nature, like sunsets, gorgeous beaches, and public parks. Spend a few minutes or an entire day on your favorite public beach, and you'll start to realize how many of life's rewarding experiences cost absolutely nothing. In addition to nature, there are quite a few other wondrous gifts, like college scholarships, top-notch museum visits, live circuses, and historical sites that rank among the elite members of the freebie brigade. Here's a brief rundown on several you might want to check out.

Public Beaches

Wherever water meets land, and the sun is shining, you'll find plenty of scantily clad folks enjoying one of nature's most relaxing gifts of all: beaches. Of course, some of the best beaches are private and not open to the public, but the vast majority of beachfront property is fair game for anyone with a blanket, a lounge chair, and a tube of sunscreen.

College Scholarships

If you plan to go to college or grad school at any point in your life, you probably have wondered about free money, also known as scholarships and grants. Millions of dollars in scholarship cash are handed out each year, and there's only one catch: you've got to ask for it via a formal but short application. Huge numbers of college students cover some or all of their education expenses, like tuition, room, board, and textbooks, with scholarships. Luckily, you can find hundreds of potential opportunities online through Going Merry scholarships. Paying for tuition via scholarship money is a smart way to keep school costs in check.

Central Park in New York City

Home to hundreds of gourmet dinner spaces, New York City can be quite expensive. However, New York City's Central Park is one of the world's most famous and completely free places where tourists, locals, and everyone else enjoys visiting. People picnic, go for walks, enjoy horse-drawn carriage rides, jog, fish, and hike in Central Park. As long as you confine your activities to the daylight hours, there's very little risk of danger or crime. That's because the area is patrolled by police and security guards during its open hours.

First Sundays at the Louvre in Paris

Each first Sunday of the month, Paris's most beloved museum charges nothing for visitors to enter and spend the day viewing amazing art. The Mona Lisa, Da Vinci's masterpiece, is in the Louvre, as are about three million other art objects, displays, interactive exhibits, and educational presentations. Don't expect to see everything in one day, though. It's often said that it takes about four full, eight-hour days to cover all the Louvre's displays. So, if you only go on the free days, that means you need to stick around Paris for at least a month.

The Circus at "Circus Circus" Casino in Las Vegas

There aren't a lot of bargains in Las Vegas, but the free circus show at Circus Circus hotel and casino is a rare exception. The entertainment happens several times per day, is family-friendly, lasts for about 30 minutes, and includes standard circus acts like trapeze artistry. If you go, check the daily schedule of performances and try to grab a seat about 10 minutes before the action begins. Most showings fill up, so if you do a little planning, you can almost always get a great seat for everyone in your group.

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