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4 Gourmet Dinner Spaces in NYC for Your Next Dinner Party

 New York is a city of fine food. Finding the right dinner space in a sea of options can seem overwhelming. Not to mention all the things to think about when planning a dinner. 

Before you get in over your head, check out our guide to unique dinner spaces in New York, as well as some tips on planning the perfect dinner that your guests will remember long after the meal is over. 

Hosting a dinner: a guide for success

Don’t set out to host your next dinner without the proper guidance to make it one that everyone will love. We’ve got some tips and advice to take the worry out of planning your dinner and let you focus on the good food and good company.

Lock in your guest list

The first thing you’ll want to know about dinner is who will be attending. Picking the right venue will weigh heavily on how many people you need to accommodate. In cases like these, it’s better to plan for more guests than will actually show up. 

Many dining spaces have a limit on capacity or will charge extra for seating more people, so having an accurate headcount can save you money and frustration when picking a dinner space in NYC.

Choose a menu that’s a delight for everyone

You want to pick a place with a good menu. This means not only delicious food, but also food that fits everyone’s desired tastes. You want to take special care of people who have dietary restrictions or allergies so that you avoid anyone getting sick or being unable to eat.

Most places will give you a breakdown of what they serve and will state whether they have specialty options like vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free. Knowing everyone’s preferences will save you time and help eliminate options that don’t work. 

Make it easy to get to

You want to pick a dining space that is easily reachable and accessible to everyone. This includes being close to transit, hotels, and entertainment. 

If you have guests coming in from out of town, then you want to make sure they are near a place to sleep and other amenities. If you’re planning on making an evening of it, you can pick a place that is close to local attractions. 

Making sure that your dinner venue is close to hotels and transit will simplify the process of finding accommodation and prevent your guests from getting lost.

Don’t forget to make it kid-friendly

This may not be necessary in all cases, but making sure the place you pick has space any children attending is a great benefit to your dinner. Having kid-friendly menu options for picky eaters is a plus as well. You want to make sure everyone is happy — not just the adults. 

Check out these stellar New York dinner spaces 

Before you go out picking a place to eat, take a look at these fantastic options for a little inspiration for your next meal. Why wade through thousands of options when the one you want could be right here?

1. The NoMad Restaurant: great food and convenience

Situated inside the Nomad Hotel, the NoMad Restaurant is a Michelin-star restaurant serving all-American fare in an upscale environment. Here, classic American cuisine is prepared with a New York-style French twist. 

The venue also features a custom beverage menu that will have you ready for more the minute you leave. For good food and great drinks, the NoMad Restaurant is a great choice. 

2. Bowery Road: fresh and local 

If you’re looking for a true taste of local New York flavor, then Bowery Road is the place to be, featuring a menu that changes with the seasons. All the food is sourced from local markets, and only the freshest in-season produce is allowed on the menu. 

Whether it’s the fresh vegetables or the grass-fed beef, there’s something for everyone on the menu at Bowery Road. You’ll love the homegrown taste with a first-class spin. 

3. Ocean Prime: seafood in the heart of Manhattan

If you’re in the mood for a steak and seafood spot that is conveniently located near some of NYC’s biggest attractions, then Ocean Prime is the place. Located in the heart of Manhattan, just blocks away from museums and other points of interest, Ocean Prime serves top-shelf seafood, steaks, and cocktails you’ll love. 

4. 1803 NYC: NYC’s French Quarter 

Do you want a taste of the Big Easy in New York? Then 1803 NYC is the dining spot you want. Serving a menu of French Cajun-Creole cuisine inspired by New Orleans’ French Quarter, their menu is nothing short of mouthwatering with a bit of a kick. 

For a unique experience that’s unlike anything in the city, look no further than 1803 NYC. Check out their seasonal menu options online when booking your table.

Dining spaces in New York: wrapping up 

If any of our NYC dining spaces made you hungry, then you’re likely on the right track to planning your next dinner. Try one of these the next time you’re setting out to impress your friends and family with a dinner they’ll never forget. 

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