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5 Reasons to Have a Signature Scent


People put a lot of time and effort into dressing a certain way and in wearing a particular hairstyle. They use accessories and fashion choices that you always associate with that person. Whether someone is always in leggings and t-shirts, or they prefer jeans and business casual tops, you can usually tell which one of your friends is walking toward you by the kinds of clothes they wear. They also tend to keep similar hairstyles which makes it easy to identify them from behind when you haven’t seen them in a while.

For the same reasons that wearing a hairstyle or style of clothing is important, it’s also important to find a scent you love and wear it all the time. For both men and women who find a signature scent, there are many great benefits. Here are the reasons to start wearing your own signature fragrance.

You Become Easy to Recognize

Someone can walk into a room and smell who is there before they even notice all the faces. You’ll know for sure if someone is wearing the same perfume as your partner, co-worker, or even your parents. Your sense of smell is so powerful. Wearing a signature scent means that someone can picture you out of a crowd by what you smell like.

It Makes You More Attractive

There are studies that show that men and women who wear a particular fragrance regularly become more attractive to the opposite sex and potential mates. It’s important not to overdo it though. When you drench yourself in a fragrance, it can have the opposite effect. Instead, a few spritzes of Dior, Estee Lauder, or Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent can make you even more appealing. It’s even better when you find Nautica Blue by Nautica or Cool Water cologne on sale.

The thing about signature scents is that you can have more than one. Maybe you have one fragrance for work and another for going out in the evenings. You might even save the third fragrance for those second or third dates. The good news is that no matter what scent you choose, it’ll make you more appealing and that’s what matters.

Scents Help Create Emotional Connections

Another reason to use a signature scent or two is that it helps people form emotional bonds. While the bond will be there already, fragrances can help solidify the connection. Scents are linked to memory and they can help people form powerful bonds. Think about the studies around infants and the smell of their mothers. They know what their mom smells like and that scent helps parents form deeper bonds with their newborn babies. It’s a similar effect when a man or woman wears the same fragrance all the time. When you start dating, those scents will help create much deeper memories than if you simply smelled like nothing.

Offers Mood-Boosting Properties

Some scents, especially in essential oil-based products, offer some additional benefits. Want a happier mood? Put on something with orange or lemon essential oil. Want to relax? Try something with lavender or patchouli. Additionally, these essential oil fragrances can help others feel at ease as well. These same scents impact and influence their moods as well. Some of them are so powerful, that they have similar calming effects as strong medications

It’s a Conversation Starter

A good fragrance becomes an easy way to break the ice in awkward situations. Someone might offer a comment like, “I like that scent, what is it?”. When you respond, it’s much easier to start a conversation about more than your favorite fragrance. It works great not only in social situations but also at work and in business environments. It’s a simple way to be the guy or gal who always looks great, smells great, and is ready for whatever life throws your way.

Final Thoughts

Picking out a signature scent should be done with care. Don’t just buy the latest and greatest fragrance. Instead, find a few you love and get those sample cards to take home. Try each of them on a different day. You might find that you enjoy them less than you did when you were in the store. You may also enjoy using a different scent during the winter months than you do in spring or summer. Have fun finding a scent that suits you and your personality.

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