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6 DIY Flower Ideas For Your Wedding

 There’s nothing as satisfying as having the perfect flowers and flower arrangement for your wedding. Instead of spending a fortune on a wedding planner and designer to put everything together for you, you can use these DIY flower arrangement ideas to achieve a look that’s unique and affordable too!

1. Flowers in Antique Vases

Nothing screams ‘rustic’ louder than antique pieces of furniture and vases that give off an antique aura! The best way to make eye-catchy flower arrangements is to use old and antique porcelain vases and bowls to hold your flowers! This not only saves you the expense of buying brand new vases but also makes it look unique and vintage-inspired! Additionally, you can use heirloom flowers to evoke that antique charm.

2. Repurpose Old Bottles

This one may seem too simple and common, but it won’t with the right flowers and decor. All you will need to get are old glass bottles of similar shapes and sizes that have been made squeaky clean, some gorgeous ribbon, and roses (or any other flower of your choice). Tie the ribbons as bows around the necks of the bottles and stick a bunch of red and white roses (if those are colors you love!) in it. 

These can then be used as table centerpieces or even on tables and window sills around the entire venue. The best part about this is that you’ll be able to collect innumerable old glass bottles almost for free and will only have to spend money on the ribbon and flowers!

3. Use Old Pitchers

If you wish to get that adorable yet unique look, the best way is to use your pitchers as flower vases! Not only will these look different from the regular vases, but will give off warm and welcoming vibes, especially if they’re quirky pitchers with designs like polka dots. Additionally, you may even make use of old watering cans to hold your flowers. These will look better with bright flowers like yellow or orange which would highlight the color due to the contrast with the metal can!

4. Use Succulents 

Though succulents aren’t flowers, there are some which certainly look just as wonderful! The key to arranging flowers is to make sure you incorporate variety to avoid monotonous looks and colors. The best way to do this is to include uncommon plants and leaves with the flower arrangements to make them all the more lovely. Succulents can be used as centerpieces and other arrangements that are in the spotlight, especially if they’re larger than the flowers. Also, try investing in different colored succulents as that will make them appear as flowers when put together!

5. Use Wildflowers and Wild Ferns

The most wonderful thing about making your own bouquets and flower arrangements is that you can add whatever greens you like to the flowers without having to spend an extra penny on it! Additionally, you may also make use of small wildflowers to get that extra texture in a bouquet. Wild ferns, thistle, peppergrass, and silver dollar are some plants you can add to a bouquet to either give it more bulk or simply to beautify it!

6. Use Gold Paint

This may seem unconventional to most, but gold paint on certain plants can look divine! All you have to do is get a can of gold spray paint and use it on arrangements that comprise roses and succulents to give it an added shine and shimmer! This is one quick method to make any basic decoration stand out!

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