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Planning A Rustic Wedding? Check Out These Gorgeous Barn Wedding Venue Ideas

Nothing can be more rustic than having your wedding reception at a barn. Warm lighting, wooden accents, and low-key decorations make the entire experience cozier and special. However, spending your wedding reception at a real barn can have its share of cons like lack of sound control, being far from the city, and not having enough comfort rooms to accommodate your guests. Fortunately, there are numerous ways for you to find and tweak a normal wedding reception venue and turn it into your dream barn wedding reception location. 

Don’t know where to start? Here are a few tips we highly recommend you to try so you can get that hassle-free barn wedding reception you deserve!

7 Things You Should Try for A Rustic Barn Wedding Reception

Go with an industrial themed venue

What’s great about a rustic barn wedding reception is the overall aesthetic and mood the place gives off. Unfortunately, finding the perfect hassle-free barn for a wedding reception isn’t that easy. If you want to have a rustic barn wedding reception near the city, you can easily get one by tweaking an industrial themed venue. 

An industrial themed wedding reception venue makes for the perfect rustic barn venue because it has the same design aspects of a barn. Exposed beams, minimal furnishing, open brick, and polished floors make the place easy to decorate. Add some barn decor and you won’t even suspect being in a modern building!

Decorate with barn props

Add a rustic flair to your wedding reception venue by using barn decor. A couple of stacks of hay can be turned into a quirky photo booth and large water barrels can be used as standing tables. Just don’t overdo it. Remember, most barn wedding receptions are famed for their simplicity and bareness. 

Add an element of surprise through photo booth hire Orlando- with many rustic themed backdrops, your photo booth will fit into the theme of your wedding perfectly! What’s even better? Guests can take away a keepsake of the night to remember for years to come!

Furnish with wood

Ditch steel chairs and other metal pieces of furniture with wooden ones. Light wooden furnishings can add a warm tone to the entire venue. If you are spending your wedding reception at a modern wedding reception venue that you will decorate with barn decor, going with wooden furniture can balance out the hardness of modern interiors. 

Switch to long tables

Barns often come with narrow rooms, this is why barn wedding receptions are often filled with long tables instead of separate tables for the guests. Using a long table for a barn wedding reception can make for a more authentic barn look because of the old-rustic vibe that the seating layout gives off. It also looks better in photos because it adds symmetry to the room. To add a bit of elegance, use linen chair covers. You can give your venue an upscale look by using banquet tablecloths.

Take it down a notch with the flowers

Barn wedding receptions are becoming a popular choice because of their lack of all those bells and whistles that often come with wedding receptions. That being said, barn wedding receptions require minimal floral displays. This means no long lines of flowers or giant vases all over the place. Instead, try to choose quaint flowers in small vases. A popular choice for floral decor is small flowers placed inside decorated mason jars.

Add some comfort food to the menu

When it comes to achieving an authentic barn wedding reception experience, you don’t always have to rely on the decor and looks of the venue alone. You can also add a rustic barn experience to your wedding reception through food. Adding comfort foods that remind you of simple country living is a great step. Roasted vegetables, corn on the cob snacks, and apple pie desserts are some popular choices you can try. 

Keep your lights warm

Last but not least, one thing you should never forget to consider is adding warm lighting to your wedding reception venue. Warm lights don’t only make the place look and feel cozier, it’s also friendlier on the skin. This means your wedding reception will look extra good on the photos because the light won’t be too harsh. Try to use strings of warm fairy lights or small bulbs and get creative with where you want to hang them.

A couple of reminders

Before you go, remember to look out for industrial wedding reception venues if you want to have the perfect hassle-free barn wedding reception you’ve always wanted. Also keep your decors warm, simple, and minimal to preserve that rustic barn vibe. Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun planning out what would be a memorable day in your life. 

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