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Party or Display: How to Transform Your Dining Table

Everyone has witnessed the perfectly elaborate table displays that can be seen on cookery or dining shows: large plumes of wildflowers and perfect china come together to create a perfectly-formed dinner display. While not everyone has a television budget to decorate their dining room to the high standards of a film set, there are ways to create a look that is worthy of hosting a celebrity dinner. These design techniques don’t just have to be reserved for throwing parties, but they can also be used for day-to-day ways to present your dining table, as part of the room’s decoration.

Vintage items

In order to create a high-end look, you don’t have to go and purchase the latest, brand-new cutler set. In fact, vintage items can be just as, if not more, elegant than many new sets of china and silverware. Finding antique silverware teapots or cutlery to present alongside deserts and main meals can look glamorous and effortlessly elegant. Teapots can also be used to hold flowers or used on their own for decorative effect.

Floral displays

Floral displays will instantly brighten up any room – particularly dining rooms. These needn’t be expensive, ornate flowers, either. By picking flowers and branches from the garden, you can create a display that is equally as large but at less expense. Using plastic flowers all-year round can create a display that is low-maintenance and can sit in your dining room without the need to constantly throw out dead flowers and replace stagnant water. 


As well as serving a functional purpose, seating should be comfortable for guests and help to combine the overall aesthetic of the room. You could even do this with fold-out plastic chairs – it’s just a matter of adding linen chair covers and colorful or floral cushions to tie in the room’s theme. If you have chairs with fabric on them, then getting them re-upholstered with stain-proof fabric can help freshen them up an give them a new lease of life. 

Contrast and boldness

If minimalism is your thing, then it’s wise to bear in mind that contrast is what will make it seam effortless. Don’t allow your dining room to become a bland empty room – using bold accents or objects will only emphasize how simple you have kept the overall aesthetic. If you’re after a dining room that looks cleverly coordinated, or is truly unique to your taste, then contrast is what will make each element noticed. 
If you’re worried about bold features or contrasting objects overwhelming the room, then make sure you have plenty of light. Make sure light fixtures don’t hang too low above the dining table and don’t allow the color of the walls to completely suffocate the room. 

You don’t have to be a qualified interior designer to create a dining room that’s effortlessly stylish. By being creative with your budget and use of light, you can design a dining room that could have been put together by a professional. Just remember to use features that complement each other, and ensure your guests have space to enjoy themselves.

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