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Smoking Meat At Home 101: A Beginner's Guide


Want deliciously smoked meat at home but don’t know how to start? This guide will show you the ropes on how to get perfectly smoked meat, right at home.

People love to barbeque. All throughout the year, people need an excuse to whip out that grill and throw on juicy, marinated meat on the sizzling hot grates. Barbequed meat is truly delicious, but if you want the meat to be intensely more flavorful, you are looking for smoked meat.

People buy smoked deli meat at the convenience store or go to a restaurant to enjoy smoked cuts. Yet, smoking meat at home is not only easy but a convenient way of getting more flavored meat for your meals. Once people start smoking meat at home, there is no turning back.

If you think you can not smoke meat at home, think again. This guide will help you learn the basics.

How Does The Smoking Process Work?

Even though you might get some smokey flavor while making barbeque, most of that flavorful smoke escapes due to the open grill. Smoking works by slowly cooking meat in a smoke-filled chamber.

The heat applied to the meat is not direct and the temperature remains low throughout the process. You cook the meat slowly in low heat for an extended period. As a result, you get juicier cuts with the fat melting off the meat.

This method of smoking involves both smoking and cooking. The other method is called cold smoking. There is little or no heat involved. The meat is left within a chamber of flavorful smoke that slowly penetrates it during the period of exposure.

What Kind Of Smoker To Use?

If you look for smokers in the market, you will find many at various price ranges. This can be overwhelming and confusing for first-timers. Rest assured, with a little guidance, you can find a little something for everyone’s smoking needs.

You can easily smoke with a grill that has a closing lid. The longer you smoke the better the flavor, so you must try to reduce the heat created inside the grill by moving the coals to one side. Also, remember to add a water pan to keep the meat from drying up. 

However, if you want deliciously smoked cuts, where the smoke has deeply penetrated the meat and enhanced with aromatic flavor, you must buy a dedicated smoker.

Gas Smokers

You want to get smoked meats that taste just right? You need a gas/propane smoker! With a gas smoker, you won’t even burn or overcook your meat. The heat created will be the exact temperature you want, like a stove or an oven. So, you get evenly cooked meat, smoked to perfection.

They are a lifesaver when you need to smoke the meat fast. Start smoking your meat as soon as you turn on the burner. The temperature is easy to control and the appliance, easy to use.

Propane smokers are portable, so you can get smoked meat, anytime, anywhere. Use it anywhere without a direct gas line or electricity outlet, making it perfect for picnics and camping trips.

Electric Smokers

If you don’t buy a gas smoker, an electric one is the next best thing. This one can be a great addition to your indoor appliances if you want to update your kitchen.

One big advantage of owning an electric smoker is that you will be able to cold smoke the meat. Although you will still need some extra accessories, due to its range of cooking temperatures, cold smoking is possible.

Electric smokers can be used indoors and outdoors, as long as you have electricity. It is somewhat portable depending on the availability of an electric outlet.

You don’t have to worry about fuel running out or overcooking as you need to with other smokers, which makes it the easiest option available.

Charcoal Smoker

Charcoal smokers are the most traditional option available on the market. It gives off the smokiest aroma you can get. It can be a great addition to your outdoor kitchen, yard barbeque, or cooking zone.

It is a multilayered appliance with separate chambers for the coal and the meat. It can burn really hot if left unchecked, so it needs a lot more attention than other smokers. This also makes it the most difficult one and beginners might want to stir clear from the charcoal smoker.

It is also harder to clean and creates more pollution at the end of the day. However, if you love that deep, coal smoker flavor then these are your best option.

Other Types of Smokers

Your choice of a smoker is not limited to the ones mentioned above. The market is filled with a diverse range of smokers, such as, offset smoker, pellet smoker, various types of lidded grill, etc. Remember that using some is easier than others.

People also use smoking tubes that create smoke using wood pellets. These tubes are a cheaper way of smoking your meat. You light up the pellets from one side and place the tube in the closed chamber. You can even use these inside a closed stovetop cooker with grills.

How To Smoke Your Meat?

Start with choosing the right type of meat for smoking. Red meat, pork, and game meat taste the best with any type of smoking. If you are using wood pellets, you should pair your meat with the right wood for the best results.

Start with your power source, whether it’s gas, coal, wood, or electricity. With a gas burner, if it doesn’t light up on the first try, don’t try again. Disconnect the source, let the gas clear out then give it another try.

Marinate the meat well for better flavor. Apply the rub beforehand to let it sink into the meat. Soak your wood pellet so that they don’t burn out quickly. Make sure your water pan doesn’t dry out.

Don’t Just Stick To Meat

Having smoked meat available all the time is great. However, don’t limit your smoking only to meat. You can pretty much smoke any food. Fish is particularly amazing when smoked. You can also smoke your cheese, potatoes, and other vegetables. The options are endless, so better start experimenting!

Bottom line

Smoking is not difficult, especially if you use the right appliance for the job. Smoked meat is even more delicious than grilled meat. Whether you are making it for family meals or dinner parties, everyone will love having aromatic meat that has been cooked to perfection.

If you love smoked meat, buy a smoking solution, and start smoking your meat today!

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  1. we smoke and grill often. Smoking meat isn't really hard just time consuming.


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