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Top 5 Ways to Update the Kitchen on a Budget

Making minor kitchen improvements like buying useful and functional appliances and utensils from kitchenultimate.com are among the smartest ways to keep the heart of the home looking updated and functioning optimally.  With the right plan, you can transform your kitchen into a beautiful and functional space.  Best of all, you can make a huge impact with the budget-friendly, value-boosting updates highlighted below:


Simply painting the walls and cupboards in your kitchen can make a huge difference in the look and feel of the space.  Painting the walls is a great way to modernize your old kitchen.  Using neutral tones will provide an exceptional backdrop for d├ęcor.  However, trend colors can be used in small amounts for accessories or an accent wall.  This makes it easier to change as your interest changes.   Applying a fresh coat of paint to the kitchen cupboards completely changes the look and feel of the space.  Using paint with primer will decrease the number of coats needed for coverage.  Furthermore, using a washable finish will ease the process of cleaning your kitchen.

Change Knobs and Hardware

Changing knobs and hardware, especially on freshly painted cupboards, can give the kitchen a tremendously updated look.  Even if the color of the kitchen cupboards has not been changed, modernizing the knobs and hardware can dramatically update their look.  Removing dated hardware and knobs and replacing them with more updated versions will be easy on your budget while adding improved function an aesthetic appeal to the space.

Add Crown Molding 

Crown molding is often at the top of most renovation lists.  This is largely because it adds value and charm to a home.  Crown moldings are among the architectural features that can add tremendous value to your home.  They can also make a huge difference in the look of the space by creating a huge impact with their visual appeal.  You can create the comfort you deserve and the look you want by matching the new molding to the era your home. Having the right miter saw will help you in getting the corners just right and alleviating a ton of frustration - we recommend buying Dewalt sliding compound miter saw.  Adding crown molding is a 'trend' that never goes out of fashion.

Modernize the Backsplash

Adding or replacing the backsplash can play a huge role in completely transforming the look and feel of this essential space.  A tile backsplash with peel-and-stick tiles or mosaics on mesh backing can go a far way in adding life to your kitchen without busting your budget.  In addition to enhancing the visual appeal of the kitchen, the backsplash will improve the functionality of the space and make cleaning easier.  Therefore, the backsplash provides a practical solution as it helps in making one of the messiest rooms in the house easier to clean.  

In addition, cooking smells can be absorbed into the walls but adding a tile backsplash behind the stove helps in preventing this from taking place.  A backsplash also provides a remarkable way of hiding small, unsightly gaps that occur when countertops do not sit flush against walls.  Ultimately, the backsplash provides a more aesthetically-pleasing kitchen. 

Update the Flooring

There are a number of practical and inexpensive flooring options you can use to update the look of your kitchen.  They include:


This is the easiest to install and could be the cheapest.

Plastic Laminate

Laminate is stunning but not the most durable. 

Ceramic Tiles

This type of flooring is inexpensive and virtually indestructible.


This is at the high end of low-priced flooring options.  It is easy to install and visually pleasing. 

These are just some of the budget-friendly ways in which you can update your kitchen, making it more beautiful and functional. 

What are some ways you have updated your space?

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  1. I think the first pictured kitchen is my favorite--so clean and spacious, and attractive!


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