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A Yard Can Be More Than A Barbecue Hub

For some of us, it's the moment we’ve all be waiting for all year. The heat and relentless sunshine of summer are craved even more the Christmas for some people. It's the whole atmosphere that comes with the season that we love, isn’t it? Barbecuing outside in the heat, drinking a cold beer and talking with friends and family late into the night. Entertaining is a bit of a lost art as inviting over for dinner has been replaced with more of us dining out. But one thing that reignites this pastime is the splendor of a summer bbq.

Grilling vegetables, various bread and a whole variety of meats are done all for the community. We invite people over to just hang out and eat together as a tribe in our backyards. But surely you don’t have to set your clock to the hour every year. Why can’t you make your backyard another kitchen space instead of just a grilling station? It's actually simple to design because all you need are the basics and the rest is kind of done on the fly. All you need first is the financial will to buy the equipment and install it.


A place to cook outside

An outdoor kitchen isn’t for everybody and even if you think it is, nature will veto your say. If you live in a rainy part of the country chances are you won’t get many chances to use your newly fitted outdoor kitchen. If you live in a mild or hot part of the country you’ll be using the kitchen to cook outside and be more at home with nature while do you so. Firstly your patio needs to be cleared of anything such as chairs, statues, fountains and anything else of that nature. Unless you plan on lifting the patio and fitting gas and water pipes underneath the floor then clear a space out next to your home. Here is where the kitchen will be fitted, giving it direct access to the powers it needs to function.

Getting the ball rolling

Microwaves and toasters are not welcome here, just stick to the basics. A sink, tabletop, grill, and oven are all you need to worry about. The tabletop will be used to prepare food, the sink to wash it, the grill and the oven to cook it. Hungry for more information? Some of the best products for your home have already been reviewed and studied to paint you the consumer a wider breadth picture. The abilities of the kitchen are one thing but the requirements needed to power it, maintain it, fit it and pay for it is information you desperately must absorb before taking action. How companies treat their customers can quite clearly be seen in this category, by reading the expert review and also the user reviews.

Space and leisure

The kitchen unit itself won’t take up much room but what will is the space for you and your guests. So if you don’t have much space to sacrifice the size of the kitchen fittings becomes an issue you need to ponder over. What if a small sink is better than a large for you? Give priority to the vital equipment such as the grill and the oven. The sink and the worktop can be smaller in size. Will you also be dining outside too? Imagine the wondrous look on your guests’ faces when you take out a roast straight from the outside oven and immediately serve it on your adjacent dining table. A sense of occasion and leisurely exuberance is what an outdoor kitchen and dining arrangement is all about.

Dining area

All-weather dining table and chairs are pretty much the only options you really have. For a lot of the year, the outdoor kitchen and dining area may be tarped over and covered to protect them from the elements. However, even when it is the season to be cooking and eating outside in the gleaming sunshine, you can never be too careful about sudden downpours. A strong hardwood dining table may not suffice and instead, you need a glass and metal set instead. How many guests do you intend to entertain in the dining area? Will the chairs be for comfort or for practicality? Will the table be fitted or freestanding? All these questions are going to determine the overall enjoyability of the experience so take them seriously.

A backyard can be more than just a place for the annual barbecue. If designed correctly, it can transform into a real living space where you can cook your meals and eat them outside. You’re more with nature and the world around you.


  1. We dream of having a great outdoor kitchen. We just don’t have the room!

  2. I absolutely love this idea! My dream patio would definitely have an outdoor kitchen like this. :)

  3. Someday when I own my own house, I will have an amazing back yard.


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