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Workout Trends that Are Worth the Hype

Popular workout routines and trends come in and out of style with the seasons, and it can be hard to know what’s worth all the hype and can help you finally see those results you crave, and which are better left ignored. 

Don’t be fooled by silly trends that are later debunked by experts. Start by checking out this list to find out which trends are worth adding to your workout schedule, so you can take advantage of every innovation the fitness industry has to offer, without succumbing to any false trends that could waste your time, energy, and money. 

Cross training

Cross training is a unique and holistic approach to exercise that incorporates a variety of body movements, weightlifting exercises, and cardio components to create a full-body experience. Rather than exhausting one muscle group at a time with targeted workouts, cross training requires you to put your full body into motion. 
There are tons of benefits of cross training that draw many to the exercise.

These include:
Lower risk of injury due to over-extending a particular muscle group
Holistic focus on full-body fitness keeps you evenly toned
Weight-melting intensity can help you shed pounds quickly

Cross training isn’t for everyone. However, it’s easy enough to get started; all you really need is a pair of men’s or women’s cross training shoes and a set of weightsplus an instructional video or two.  

HIIT workouts

Another trend that seems to be sweeping the world is the HIIT workout. That’s short for high intensity interval training, and it’s basically exactly what it sounds like. Scientists figured out that, instead of doing a few sets of workouts over a long period of time, you can fit a similar amount of calorie burn and muscle resistance into a shorter, more intense period.
Enter the HIIT. By doing a circuit of high-intensity reps, like squats, crunches, or pushups, followed by a brief restand then more repsyou can fit the benefits of a longer workout into a much shorter time frame. This makes the HIIT workout ideal for professionals who don’t have ample time in the morning or evening to hit the gym for a longer workout session. 
Plus, because of the high intensity, many people find that they are able to burn calories and shed weight much more quickly than with some traditional lifting exercises. The only downside is that, with a HIIT routine, you may not gain as much muscle as you might by doing traditional heavy weightlifting exercises. 

Distance running

Distance running definitely isn’t a new trend entirely, but its popularity as a go-to workout routine for all sorts of fitness lovers is newer on the scene. In the past, distance running was seen as the niche hobby of a few marathon enthusiasts. Now, however, distance running has fully entered the mainstream as a workout of choice for those looking for an intense, strenuous, and rewarding way to max out their physical fitness. 
Distance running is different from a morning jog. While running a mile or three may get the heart pumping and awaken your mind for the day, distance running requires an entirely different mindset to be done right. Putting your body through upwards of 10 miles of running is grueling, but the results are hard to argue with. Especially for those looking to lose weight, distance running has incredible results. To get started, simply start with a shorter run, then start slowly building up from there to longer distances. 

Outdoor fitness

Outdoor fitness is definitely having a moment, from trail running and hiking to mountain biking and outdoor swimming. Is it worth the hype? Absolutely. Outdoor training engages your body in a variety of ways. When trail running, for instance, not only are you getting the benefits from a regular run, you’re also strengthening the stability muscles in your legs as you tackle technical terrain. 
Outdoor fitness also gets you out in the fresh air, away from the pollution of the city. Being outdoors can boost your vitamin D levels by getting you in the sun, toojust be sure that you wear plenty of vegan sunscreen and bring some along just in case, too. 

Not all fitness trends are worth it, but these have made the cut, and are sure to stick around! 

Image credit: https://traineracademy.org/

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