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Looking After Your Family: Your Health and Fitness Guide

Every parent wants the best for their family. Here is your guide for improving and maintaining your family’s health and fitness.

Understanding Healthy Weights 

It’s a good idea to understand a healthy Body Mass Index for your whole family, to therefore better understand instances of being underweight or overweight. Being fit and healthy isn’t just about being toned and skinny; to better promote your family’s weight, be sure to understand a healthy weight based on a family member’s age and height, especially in growing children. 

There is always the risk of under-eating and exercising too much if you aren’t too familiar with the dietary and exercise requirements for each family member. For women having a good pre-workout can help a lot.
If you need tailored weight loss advice, professional medical services like www.veldarosemed.com can help you with diet programs. 

Find an Exercise the Whole Family Can Enjoy 
If you’re a parent who is trying to encourage exercise in their younger children as well as themselves, then a stint at the gym might not be viable. Instead, think about great exercise options for the family as a whole. This could be investing in bikes for the family to take outside together, walking plans for family hikes and days out, or perhaps a trip to the local pool where you can have swimming classes or do laps together. 

By finding an exercise that younger children enjoy, you lessen the risk of them being bored and unmotivated. Similarly, finding an exercise you can do together helps you to stay active as one unit. 

Family Mealtimes Are Important 
Healthy family meal planning is made a lot easier by a set mealtime where you can sit down together as a family. This allows you to share healthy and delicious recipes and helps you to support one another in healthy eating. If your family is having different mealtimes due to busy schedules, or perhaps younger, pickier eaters are having their meals in front of the TV, this leads to bad habits and also reduces mindful eating which may mean problems with proper digestion if food is being rushed.
Therefore, trying to agree upon a time for family meals which works for everyone will help you to stay healthy together. 

Optimize Your Home
If you’re trying to encourage healthier habits, the ideal place to start is at home. If there any changes which can be made to your home layout or routine to encourage better health, you may wish to embrace them. This could include: 

Switching to open plan so that family mealtimes can be better encouraged in one, open space
Transforming your garden or outside space so that it’s more family-friendly and can encourage more active play and exercise 

Having a set amount of screen time for electronics so that younger children can be better encouraged to have more active hobbies and pastimes 

Having a more sociable kitchen, which can promote better family cooking or making healthy snacks together 

Working as a team with your family and asking for your family’s input, even if your children are younger, will make everyone feel as though they are motivated and encouraging better habits. Children will react better if they can play a part in the improvements rather than being told what to do.

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