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How to Find a Fitness Routine that Works for Your Schedule

Happy Friday, babes, and beaus! I'm sitting in my living room, catching up on MBP related work this morning, and while I'm looking forward to the upcoming weekend, all I can think about is how busy the weekend is going to be. I used to look forward to 'relaxing' on the weekends, and now, they seem to be packed full from morning to late into the evenings. While it's nice to have places to be and people to be with, we've already been crazy busy since school started, and our physical activity regimen has already started to slide. I'll admit that we haven't been great about sticking to a daily exercise routine, but we've been trying to get back to it, and through the busyness of our week this past week, we've already fallen way behind.

If I've learned anything through looking over family medical history on my side of the family, as well as my husband's, it's crystal clear that we need to be proactive when it comes to health and wellness. Heart problems run on both sides of our families, and it's always looming over us as we creep closer to our forties. Heart health is so important, and we really need a daily cardio activity to get our heart rates up and keep our blood pumping!

I think a lot of folks figure that they have to lock themselves into a box when it comes to fitness. The truth is, you can squeeze it into your daily schedule pretty easily, especially now that there are so many workout videos at your disposal online.

I love to try out different workout videos that are on YouTube. They're easy to find, they're usually quick workouts, say- 20 minutes at the most, and most of the time, they're even fun.

My favorite forms of exercise are aerobic walking/jogging, and Pilates.
My favorite in-home walking program is with Leslie Sansone, Walk Away the Pounds. I have been using her video workout for nearly 15 years. They're so easy to do at home- anytime, and they get your heart rate where it needs to be to burn calories and keep your heart healthy and strong. Leslie is a Christian, and keeps her workout programs super positive, reminding her participants that God created muscles, and we were meant to MOVE.

Check out one of Leslie Sansone's Walk at Home videos...

If you're more focused on toning up and strengthening core muscles, Pilates may be right for you. A lot of dancers and performers choose Pilates to help them stay lean, strong, and well balanced. Pilates doesn't have to be done on a reformer, like the machines you see in Pilates studios. You can easily do what I do and work through Pilates reps on a yoga mat in the comfort of your home, working at your own pace. There are tons of free Pilates workout videos available on YouTube, as well. If you're just starting out, I wouldn't go beyond 10 - 15 minutes of a beginners workout. Give yourself time to build up to some of the longer sessions as you go along.

Pilates works quickly, targeting core muscles and toning them up. If you want to 'shape up' before a big event or a vacation, this is the way to go. If you stick with it, say 3 times a week, you'll see pretty fast results and visible differences within the first couple of weeks.

If you can't get a workout video in, even a quick walk through your neighborhood is great exercise. Take a stroll, ride a bike, play soccer with your kids. I love to put on Cosmic Kids Yoga or Go Noodle videos on YouTube so I can get moving with my kids indoors when it's just too darn hot to be outside... it'll be 90 degrees again today. Come on, fall temperatures!

You could even put some music on after dinner and dance around while you're cleaning up, loading the dishwasher, or sorting laundry. However you choose to do it, just get moving!

How do you get your exercise in? 

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Hope you have a fabulous Friday!

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