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5 Sleep Tips for New Parents

Welcoming a little one into your world is full of exciting, new experiences — seeing their first smile, hearing their tiny giggles, and watching them grow with each day. But as all new parents know, it’s not always cute and cuddly! Parts of parenthood take some serious getting used to, primarily the long, sleepless nights up with your little one. Sleep is a precious commodity for all new parents, so it’s essential that you make the most of each and every hour of your afforded beauty rest!

In this post, we’ll be sharing 5 sleep tips to help you get that much-deserved recharge you crave.

1. Find the right bedding for optimal comfort

When you need to sneak in a quick nap while you’re little one is lying down, having a high-quality bed setup is essential. If you’re feeling physically uncomfortable because it’s too hot, your bed is too firm, or your pillow isn’t supportive enough, you’re probably not going to get the caliber of rest that you need to feel refreshed and ready to care for your newborn.
With that said, take a look at these guidelines to help you find the best bedding for your needs:

If you’re feeling anxious around bedtime, invest in a weighted blanket. These heavy down comforters have been proven to help sleepers feel more comfortable and at ease.

For new parents who are dealing with nighttime acid reflux, try out a gerd pillow. By propping your body up at an incline, this solution helps minimize heartburn, nausea, and other related symptoms that may be disrupting your rest. 

If you tend to overheat while you sleep, temperature-regulating linen sheets are a must. Flax linen naturally balances your temperature, offering coolness and breathability on hot summer nights and warmth on chilly evenings.

2. Try natural sleep-aids for a quick drift to dreamland

Adjusting to your new responsibilities as a parent can be challenging to say the least! From living on your newborn’s schedule to cooking, cleaning, and balancing other tasks, many new parents will feel like their mind is left racing as soon as their head finally hits the pillow. But after several sleepless nights, you know how important it is to take advantage of a quick nap or early bedtime.
If you need help calming your thoughts, give melatonin gummies a go. Melatonin is a naturally occurring compound that your body produces to promote sleep. When your body needs a gentle push to shift into sleep mode, melatonin gummies can help supplement and encourage your body to catch some zzz’s.

3. Take shifts with your partner when possible

No mommy should have to handle the nuances of new parenthood on her own! Make sure you and your partner are supportive teammates, because you really are in this together. When possible, try to take sleeping shifts — while one parent tends to your newborn’s needs, the other can retreat to a separate room for a while. Teamwork makes the dream work!

4. Invest in blackout curtains to adjust to odd sleeping schedules

It takes newborns quite some time to adjust to life outside of the womb. From new sights and smells to unfamiliar sounds and sensations, your little one is sure to be overwhelmed by the world around them. And until they begin to get used to these things and the concept of day and night, they’ll probably have a pretty unusual sleep schedule, which in turn, means that you will, too. To help you take advantage of those noontime naps, we recommend getting some blackout blinds or curtains. Not only will this help block out daytime light, but they can also create a sound barrier to eliminate outside distractions.

5. Spend some time in natural light

Just like babies need natural light to learn normal sleep cycles, spending time outside can help parents sleep, too! So make sure to make time for walks in the park, drives around the block, and days at the beach — it’s a win-win for all. Just don’t forget the baby sunscreen!

In order to be the best parent you can be, you have to get your rest! With these 5 tips, you’ll be off to dreamland in no time.

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