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Romantic getaway ideas once lockdown is over

Summertime is here and, for a lot of us, that means thoughts start to turn to our holiday plans. Whether it’s a short city break, a week stretched out by a pool in the sunshine, or a couple of months spent travelling around some far and distant land, we all need something to look forward to. 

Unfortunately, however, the Coronavirus pandemic means we have been forced to put many of our overseas travel adventures on hold for the foreseeable future. The past few months have been challenging for people all around the world, with the threat to health and the reduced social interaction causing great feelings of worry and anxiety. 
Extended periods in each other’s company can also take their toll on even the strongest of couples, but there’s nothing quite like a holiday together to restore that bond. Whether you’ve been cooped up and driving each other mad, or been kept apart due to the social distancing guidelines, you’ll have earned a vacation, and here are just a handful of destination ideas for when lockdown is over. 


Where better to head than the City of Love? Getting there is easy – why not use a web duo ticket to save on fares to the airport and then you’ll be touching down on French soil in no time. Head up the iconic Eiffel Tower for a stunning view of the capital, take in the famous Mona Lisa at the Louvre, or simply wander the streets and enjoy a romantic candlelit dinner in one of its many fine restaurants. 


For a change of pace, why not head East to the teeming capital of Thailand? The famous Khaosan Road is packed with street vendors selling all kinds of items, and by night the place is transformed into a thriving nightlife hotspot. One thing’s for sure, you’ll remember your trip to Bangkok forever. 


For beautiful white sand beaches and stunning clear waters, the Maldives is the perfect place for you and your partner to escape from the world and unwind. You can lay back in a hammock with a good book and a refreshing drink before enjoying a sunset stroll along the shore. Bliss. 


This remarkable city is located on a group of small islands interconnected by bridges and canals, and provides the perfect setting for you and your loved one’s romantic getaway. Treat yourself to the beautiful local food and wine from its many cafes and restaurants and of course, no trip to Venice is complete without a ride on a gondola. 

Although your 2020 holiday may have been scuppered, you can still enjoy making plans for the next one – and doing so with your loved one will make it all the more special. 

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