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7 Tips For Choosing the Right Bra

Shopping for a new bra can be a pain for many women. Some choose bras based on style, while others look for comfort. There are several factors that go into selecting the perfect bra that are often overlooked or not understood. To make bra shopping a bit easier for you, we’ve narrowed it down to seven easy tips that will make your shopping experience better than ever before.

1. Get New Measurements Often

How many women have gone bra shopping just to find out later that it doesn’t quite fit anymore? How can this be when you chose the exact same size just a few months ago? Several factors can come into play that causes breast size to fluctuate, such as weight loss/gain, menstruation, exercise, pregnancy, and so on.

With that said, don’t rule out getting new measurements a few times a year. This can be done at a sexy lingerie shop or at home. And before you throw out those old bras that don’t fit anymore, remember that just because you can’t fit them today, doesn’t mean you won’t tomorrow.

2. If the Underwire Doesn’t Fit…

If you prefer wearing bras with underwire, be careful when making your choice. A good fitting underwire bra will hold the entire breast in the cup. If there’s space between your body and the underwire, or if the underwire is on top of the breast, then it’s not a good fit. The same goes for the fabric in the center of the bra (the gore). This should always rest flatly on the space between your breast or sternum. And regardless of what type of bra you choose, the band should always be parallel to the ground.

3. Be Sure To Fill Your Cup

Although you may have selected the correct cup size, the padding of the bra may cause your breast not to completely rest inside the cup. Many times, the shape of the cup doesn’t complement the shape of the breast, which will cause space and gaps in the cup. In this instance, try a half-padded bra or no pads at all.

4. Wear the Right Top When Bra Shopping

Whether you’re shopping for a sports bra or lace bra, you want to wear a top similar to what you’d wear the bra with when trying it on so you can see how the bra will look through your clothing. If you don’t want to worry about your bra showing through your new fancy dress, don’t skip this step.

5. Choosing the Right Plus Size Bra

For women who require more support with a bra, it’s very important to try the bra on and check for good fit and comfort. Make sure the bra can support the weight of your breast. Move around in the bra and check for anything that doesn’t feel right. Ignoring the small things during the fitting will only be magnified after wearing the bra for several hours. After all, there’s nothing worse than bra straps digging into your shoulders.

6. Avoid Wardrobe Malfunctions

Push-up and strapless bras are known for creating “wardrobe malfunctions”. This is mostly due to incorrect size and fit. When choosing a push-up or strapless bra, be sure to test it for security by moving and even jumping around in it during the fitting. Try to be more rigorous when trying it out than you plan to be while wearing it, just in case.

7. Selecting the Right Color

When choosing the color of your bra, think about what you plan to wear it with. Is it strictly for work attire? Will you be wearing a bra with a thin blouse or t-shirt? Regardless of the type of bra you select, choosing the wrong color can ruin the look of an outfit. So if your wardrobe consists of bright colors or white tops, you may want to stick to neutral colors when bra shopping to avoid unwanted stares.

Let’s Go Shopping!

Hopefully, these tips have fully equipped you to make the best bra selection on your next trip to the mall. Whether you’re looking for a sports bra for plus size lingerie, follow these seven tips and you won’t be disappointed with your purchase.             

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