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Summer Driving Safety Tips

Sweet summertime is finally here! If you're like me, you've probably been counting down the days to the official first day of summer since the first day of warm weather for the season. Warm air, cool breeze, windows down, blowing hair, music playing... it's sounds like perfection, and it's no surprise that summer is such a popular season for day trips, road trips, or drives in general. We can become so overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of our surroundings, the beautiful weather, and fun features of our cars, however, that we sometimes forget to put safety first above all else. This summer, don't forget to implement these important summer driving safety tips.

Make sure your car is ready for summer driving.
The biggest bummer of the summer is having to take care of unexpected bumps in the road while driving or traveling. Prep your car ahead of time by doing quick checks before you hit the road. Check your tires to see that they are properly filled, and that there aren't any nails or other debris stuck in them. Definitely make sure your tire tread is high, especially if you live in an area which is known to receive a lot of summertime rainfall. Your car might even benefit from performance tires, which are known to grip the road much better, therefore, keeping you safer.

Check your battery. 
Typically, most car batteries last on average about five years. Some last longer, depending on the make. Before you set off on any summertime trips (especially long road trips), check to make sure your battery is charged and working properly. If your battery is three years old, it's definitely time to have it checked, and if it's five years old or older, you may need to consider replacing it soon. 

Keep it cool.
It's no secret that summers in the United States are becoming hotter and hotter. Temperatures are reaching record highs across the country, which can really make for very unsafe driving conditions, especially for pets, children, and seniors, or anyone with moderate to serious health or breathing problems. You can help keep your car's air conditioning system running smoothly by doing a few routine things. First, keep the filter clean, and change it as needed. This can really increase the system's overall performance. Keep it charged. Some vehicles A/C systems require seasonal charging. You can take it to the dealership or a local mechanic to have it charged to ensure cool air throughout the hottest months of the year. 

Keep it clean.
Over time, dirt can build up and cause a lot of problems for the guts of your vehicle. Keep it clean, and every once in a while, invest in a higher cost cleaning and detailing. You might balk at the price, but trust me, it's really worth it in the long run.

Summertime is meant for enjoyment. Don't let it get you down by not taking proper care of your vehicle. Keeping your car in good shape through out the year will give you much more time and freedom (and perhaps even cash) to live your best life all summer long.

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