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Make Your Next Cookout Extra Delicious with Borden® Cheese

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Summer is so close I can almost taste it. School is out, the air is warm, and everything in my yard is welcoming my family outside to enjoy our well-loved outdoor living spaces for the next few months. Colorful, happy flowers greet us as we walk out to our patio to cook lunches or dinners on the grill, and there's just about no greater feeling than those wonderful summer vibes. Once it's warm enough to start grilling, we don't usually waste any time planning our family meals and celebrations around the grill. From burgers and hot dogs to chicken and veggies, we grill as much as we can.

No one in my house complains when we invite the extended part of our family over for a cookout. Whether we're celebrating the end of a successful school year, graduations, engagements, birthdays, etc., there are always plenty of reasons to celebrate. Everyone seems to love to gather by the grill, enjoying a cool drink and sharing favorite family stories and wonderful memories- all the while, making new ones.

When we plan our grilling menus for cookouts, we try to keep things as simple as possible. Burgers and hot dogs are easily everyone's favorites. We're also big fans of grilled chicken, grilled pork, grilled veggies, and we might even try grilling homemade pizzas this summer, too!

To take our burgers to the next level of tastiness, we love using Borden® Cheese to build on layers of flavor. Everyone likes their burgers cooked differently and topped differently, but we all agree that Borden® Cheese always makes our burgers taste out of this world delicious!

As parents, my husband and I can be sort of choosy when it comes to the foods our kids eat. We definitely want to give them foods that taste great, that they're excited about and love to eat, and we like knowing what's in the foods we serve to them. Borden® Cheese is simply made with real milk and comes in 12oz singles and 6oz slices in a variety of flavors. This not only gives us delicious cheeses, but it also gives us a variety of flavors to choose from when we're ready to dress up our grilled foods. That way, everyone gets a burger they absolutely love to eat. I love it when everyone's hearts and tummies are happy!

Cheddar cheese is a family favorite, and we had quite a few family members eager to sink their teeth into burgers topped with Borden® Mild Cheddar Sliced Cheese. My hubby (also known as the family grillmaster) kept the 6oz slices package nearby so he could quickly add it to the freshly grilled hamburgers at our recent cookout. I'm pretty sure I saw our three-year-old daughter sneak a whole piece of cheese to snack on while we waited for her dad to finish up at the grill.

When I was growing up, I loved American cheese, and sometimes, I still really crave it. I love the way it melts and creates the perfect cheesy gooeyness on just about anything you could ever want to top with melty cheese. I was so excited about topping my burger with Borden® 2% Milk American Singles

I love burgers all sorts of different ways, but an all-American burger is my favorite! To build my perfect burger, I start with a brioche bun. Sometimes I toast it a bit, and sometimes not. Next, I add spring mix to the bottom bun. I love the different flavors of the various greens. I add my burger to the greens, topped with cheese, of course! Sometimes I add pickles, and sometimes I leave my pickles on the side. Ketchup and mustard are musts for me, as well. And that's it!

My most recent burger, topped with Borden® Cheese was the best burger I can remember having in a very long time. Both cheese varieties we served up were incredibly tasty! The next time we grill out, we're grilling up chicken, and we're going to top it with another favorite, Borden® Pepper Jack Cheese. That will definitely take our next cookout to another level! 

Plan your perfect cookout!

Cookouts don't have to be fancy, and we've found that last minute get-togethers can be a lot of fun!
You just need a hot grill, a few chairs, a table to put food out on, people you enjoy being with, lots of fresh and yummy foods to share, and of course, Borden® Cheese to add delicious layers of flavor!

We keep it simple with sides like grilled corn on the cob, freshly sliced watermelon, simple salads, pickles and olives, and chips. Borden® Cheese slices make great pick-me-up snacks, too!

We can't wait to spend our summer grilling and adding our favorite cheeses to even more foods! Here's to lots of laughter, making memories, and happy tummies- all summer long!

What will you serve up with Borden® Cheese this summer?

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  1. yum! what a great looking cook out. we will have to try this cheese!

    1. Thanks! We often sort of throw these types of things together at the last minute, but we're super lucky to have grocery stores within 1-2 miles of our house which carry Borden Cheese! :)

  2. We usually don't put cheese on our home grilled burgers because they are so good by themselves, but this makes me want to try it!

    1. I've also been making grilled cheese for the kids with these Borden Cheese slices. They can't get enough!

  3. That looks really yummy. We love their cheeses.. and we love grilled burgers too!

    1. Burgers and Borden Cheese- a perfect combination!


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