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How to Make Good Use of a Measuring Chart

Making clothes industrially was the reason for starting to standardize certain measures and put them in a chart. Custom tailors are few now and what really govern fashion are the pieces developed in mass. The measures chart is an excellent tool to acquire clothes without fear of mistakes of size, especially when they are purchased through the web and there is no evaluation in the person of the piece to buy.

Leggings are usually made in a standard way, with certain fabrics that are very thick but very elastic. However, the measures will vary its length and width, which is essential for a piece to adapt properly.
Evaluating the proposed table model in Tuffwomen, we have to:
  • Sizes 6-8, also designated as S Kids are the smallest of the standard. The measurement of the waist is around 20 inches, the same as saying that they are about 50 centimeters. This size is according to children between 7-8 years normally.
  • 10 - 12 K designated as M Kids are a bit larger and longer. The waist area in the legging can adapt to waists of approximately 55 centimeters. It is usually used by children between 10-12 years
  • 14-16 K is much larger sizes, designated as L Kids. These sizes do not have a well-defined age range that is used in adolescence and, therefore, varies greatly from one girl to another. The waist in these cases is around 60 centimeters.
  • 18 - 20 K is the top size in the Kids range and that is why it is designated as XL. In these cases, the waist exceeds 70 centimeters usually.
The kids and womens leggings offered in Tuffwomen meet a very strict standard in terms of size. The purpose is to avoid errors regarding sizes and customer discomfort. For this reason, they provide the chart as an excellent tool available to women who want the product and also as a guaranteed method for them, that they can use to determine through them the most common and requested sizes.
The women size chart
The sizes that continue to children's sizes are cataloged in the chart for adult women. In these cases, age distinction is rarely made, as this may vary completely from one person to another regardless of these characteristics.
This chart proposes five standard sizes as it happens with children's garments: xs, s, m, l and xl. Let's see its characteristics:
  • 24w, 26w. This size corresponds to the xs size. It is ideal for very thin women whose waist does not exceed 60 centimeters. Garments of this size tend to look very stylized on their users.
  • 28w, 30w or S size. The waist, in this case, is much wider, with about 70 more or less if expressed in centimeters.
  • 32w, 34w or M size. This and the previous size are the most requested, since they are the most common sizes in women of the whole world. The waist is approximately 80 expressed in centimeters.
  • 36w, 38w or L size. A measure for women whose waist is around 90 centimeters. It is a slightly larger size, but is an essential piece to stylize the figure.
  • 40w, 42w or XL size is the largest size available for women. It is ideal for those whose waist exceeds 100 centimeters in length.
The measures provided in this table aim to outline the most common proportions and group them in one piece, taking into account the average between the size of the waist and the hip for the preparation of the pieces.
The legging: an essential garment inside the closet
Few garments provide the versatility that this elastic piece makes. With it, it is possible to go to the gym, be comfortable at home, go for a walk nearby or combine it with a pair of boots to have a nice outfit to go to work or study, etc.
The greatest virtue of leggings is the comfort they provide, and of course the fit. The type of fabric adapts very well to the figures as long as it has proportions similar to those already described in the table.

For this reason, no matter what or at what time you want to use it, having a few leggings is essential in the universe of clothes that we usually have at home.

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