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Trendy Back to School Fashion with Mayah Kay {Review} #review #mayahkayboutique #backtoschool

Thank you to Mayah Kay Fashion Boutique for providing us with some adorable Mommy & Me leggings, in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions shared are my own.

My girls have been dressing alike, pretty much since C was born. If I could find something that coordinated or was an exact match, they probably had it. Now that S is getting older, she isn't as interested in matching her little sister, but she is interested in matching her Mommy. Don't all little girls want to be just like Mommy, dressing in her clothes, wearing her shoes, getting in her makeup.  It isn't always as easy finding matches for little girls and moms as it is for sibling sets, but I have been seeing more and more available out there, including Mayah Kay Fashion Boutique.
With a strong foundation of Faith and Family, a mom who loved fashion and shopping, decided to take a leap and open a clothing boutique. As of May 2015, Mayah Kay Fashion Boutique, named after the owner's daughter, has been offering their very own clothing brand that is designed and made, almost completely by them. They strive to offer stylish, affordable, fabulous clothing and amazing customer service. Mayah Kay Fashion Boutique has hot styles and prints for both women and girls, with an extra special passion for their Mommy & Me Collection.
 Mayah Kay Fashion Boutique was looking for ways to celebrate their Mommy & Me Collection and we were so lucky they chose to partner with us. Jenah (the owner) was excited to share some of their pieces that would be great for Back to School for both Moms and Daughters and we couldn't be happier they said YES! I sent Jenah our sizes and we waited to be surprised.

Our Mayah Kay Fashion Boutique package has arrived!
S can not wait to see what she and Mommy can wear together.
We were sent 2 sets of Mommy & Me leggings,  2 pair for Mommy and 2 pair for S.
The first set of Mayah Kay Leggings--Neon Pink Summer for Adult and Child
The Adult leggings retail for $24 and are one size fits most. The Child leggings retail for $19.99 and come in sizes Small/Medium (approximately 3T-6) or Large/XLarge (approximately 6-10).
 We both loved the print and color of these leggings, what a great summer style. The bright neon really makes them stand out and they are also insanely soft and comfortable. For me, they stretch just right and are not see through on any body part, in fact, they seem to know just how to sit and make you feel confident in wearing leggings. For S, we went with the S/M, and they are absolutely adorable and she love, love, loves them.
We paired our Neon Pink Summer with black tees and black sandals. This really drew out the neon and made it pop. We wore them to a baby shower and numerous people commented and asked where they were from. I made sure to pass along the name and website of Mayah Kay to both moms and daughters. I wore mine all day and they didn't ever stretch out or get baggy, they held their shape and comfort all day long. They have also washed very well (they are hand wash), not losing any shape, stretch, or color.

 The second set of Mayah Kay Leggings--Chevron for Adult and Child
 The Adult leggings retail for $24 and are one size fits most. The Child leggings retail for $19.99 and come in sizes Small/Medium (approximately 3T-6) or Large/XLarge (approximately 6-10).
 These leggings are a great intro back into Fall, the browns and creams are prominent, with blues, gray, and pinks as accents. Chevron is a really popular print, making these a huge hit. Again, they have the same soft, comfy feel, they are made of a polyester/spandex blend.
We paired our Chevron leggings with gray tops, and S added a jean jacket. We didn't quite have the right top, but a pink top or brown sweater, would great with these. We both can't wait to add boots with them as well for a full fall feel. Again, you can wear these leggings all day and they will hold their shape and softness the whole time. S loves that she can wear these to school on casual days and still be comfortable while looking cute, I have to agree!
 We love our Mayah Kay leggings. They are so versatile, being worn with just a casual tee or dressed up with a flowy tunic or dress and come in so many print and color options, you can have some for every season. They are soft, comfortable, and affordable, making them a great choice to have in your closets.
 Mayah Kay Fashion Boutique also has dresses, skirts, leggings, pants, and tops for Moms, Dresses/Skirts, Leggings/Pants, and Tops for Mommy & Me, and dress/skirts, leggings/pants, and tops for Girls.
Want It? Buy It!

We love the Mayah Kay Mommy & Me line and can't wait to stock up on more. Summer is still going strong, so don't miss out on anything, plus you get free shipping on orders over $75. You can also follow Mayah Kay on all of their social media outlets: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.
Many thanks to Mayah Kay for our matching Mommy & Me leggings, we love them!

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  1. do you find they cover your ahem, *backside* well? most leggings will ride too low in the back for me! eek!


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