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Looking To Shed A Few Pounds Before Christmas?

Are you desperate to lose some weight before Christmas?  Have you tried every diet on the planet yet don’t seem to be getting the results you desire? We have all been there. The truth is that there is, unfortunately, no magic formula. However, if you follow the top ten tips provided in this article you will find it a lot easier to achieve your goals. Therefore, keep on reading for some excellent advice on how to lose weight…

1.    Indulge in fat releasing foods – Fat releasing foods include the likes of shrimp, eggs, dark chocolate, and honey. If you are feeling hungry this is the type of food you should indulge in as it will stop you from snacking on higher calorie foods instead.

2.    Add 10 percent to your daily calorie intake – Most people count calories when they are losing weight. This is advisable as you become more aware of what you are eating. Nevertheless, it is recommended to add 10 percent to the number of calories you think you are eating on a daily basis as this is likely to be a lot more accurate.

3.    Eat little and often – This is a tip that all good weight loss professionals, gastro doctors, and diet groups advise. Instead of eating three big meals you should eat five small meals instead. By doing this you will keep your body’s metabolism going. Moreover, the body releases less insulin. This is important as it keeps the blood sugar steady and helps to control your feelings of hunger.

4.    Buy blue plates – Have you seen any fast food restaurants decorated in the color blue? It is unlikely. Why? Because this is a color that suppresses hunger. So, blue plates should help you to eat less!

5.    Get rid of fat clothes – We all have a selection of clothes we turn to when we have put on a few extra pounds and aren’t feeling our best. You should get rid of these.

6.    Bulk up your meals with vegetables – People often believe that to do diet correctly they have to eat barely any food. This is not true. If you have a big appetite, you can still lose weight and enjoy eating. It is all about being sensible with your choices. Thus, use vegetables to bulk up your meals. Some veggies, such as broccoli, have barely any calories at all.

7.   Find a diet buddy – It is much easier to lose weight when you do so with someone else. They can provide you with inspiration, support, and advice. If none of your friends or family wish to lose weight find a buddy online. There are lots of great forums available nowadays.

8.   Eat slowly – It takes about twenty minutes for your stomach to tell your brain that it is full. Therefore, if you eat slowly you should stop yourself from eating more than necessary.

9.   Stock up on spices – Instead of buying premade sauces that are filled with fat, stock up on spices, such as Cajun and hot chili powder. These offer a tasty way of seasoning food. Moreover, the spicy ones also help you to burn more calories.

10. Take a walk before dinner – Last but not least, taking a walk before dinner is advised because you will burn off some of the calories you are about to eat. Nonetheless, research also indicates that it can reduce your appetite as well.

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