5 Ways To Get Rid Of Extra Halloween Candy That May Surprise You

If your sweet (maybe a little too) angel hasn't had a cavity yet, count your blessings mama friend because it is NOT a fun experience! Check out these easy ways to part with some of those sweet little cavity magnets (such a buzzkill) and keep everyone happy tomorrow after trick-or-treating.

*Have you ever thought about sending a care package to a soldier? There may just be no one who would love and appreciate the gesture more than one of our brave men and women in the military! Operation Gratitude is just one avenue you can do this.

2. Leave "Treat Bags" in your mailbox or on your neighbor's porch.

*This may be an obvious way to part ways with some of that delicious candy because it couldn't be any easier, but honestly, sometimes I forget about this gesture! It's been on my mind lately as the two people who live closest to us are elderly and always love it when we deliver goodies. 

3. Stash it away.

*I know. Isn't the whole point to get rid of the leftovers? I get that, but there is going to come a time at your kid's school or with the next two holidays around the corner when you're going to wish you had a little bit of that candy. You can use it for an advent calendar (check out this DIY calendar made with clothespins from Mash Up Mom).

4. Donate it to your church or local shelter.

*Or, just donate it. This doesn't require many directions. If you are part of a church, email the secretary and ask if you can bring it in. If you are not part of a church, take the kids and stop by your local shelter. Put together "homeless help bags" (blogged about that here).

*YUP! It's exactly what it sounds like. Put in your zip code to find out if there are any local dental offices who will be buying back Halloween candy! SERIOUSLY. Mind Blown.

Hope you have gotten something out of this simple list of ways to get rid of that extra truckload of Halloween candy that will be coming in tomorrow night! Obviously, we all want to steal, I MEAN enjoy some of that delicious candy our kiddos will be receiving tomorrow but it's just nice to know there are some ways we can salvage instead of waste what doesn't get eaten. Of course, be diligent to check every single piece of candy before it goes down the hatch, please!




  1. That is interesting! I had no idea there was a buy back program.. not that anything chocolate lasts in this house very long. Great ideas!

  2. I wind up tossing tons of candy after every holiday- Halloween and Easter are the worst for us. So glad to know about these options! Thanks for sharing!

  3. These are all fantastic ideas!! I love the one about sending to the troops.


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