5 Great Breakfast Ideas to Get You Through the School Week!

It might only be the second day of school for us, but this Mom is already feeling overwhelmed with trying to get a somewhat healthy and filling breakfast ready for the girls before they leave for school. D has to wake up an hour earlier than last year so that she is up in plenty of time to catch the bus and R has been waking up shortly after her so that she can say goodbye. I need something that will give them lots of energy to last through until they have lunch. Thankfully, I was able to find a few great recipes rights here on Mommy's Block Party that will do the trick!

1. These Easy Make & Freeze Breakfast Sandwiches are perfect to make ahead and heat right up. Not only will the girls like them, but they would also be great for Matt, who leaves the house even before we get up. 

2. I know it says "brunch" right in the title, but this Easy Brunch Bake would be another great breakfast for my little family. Plus, it makes a larger amount than I would need for one day, so we could either serve it more than once over the week or even freeze some up to serve another week. 

3. This Shrove Tuesday Pancakes recipe was originally shared for, you guessed it, Shrove Tuesday! However, I think pancakes are great any day of the year and this recipe is one of my favorite for homemade pancakes. 

4. I haven't yet tried this Blueberry Breakfast Quinoa recipe, but I am confident it's something everyone in the house will love. I have to go grocery shopping later today and I will be picking up the ingredients to make it. 

5. Look familiar? This Baked Oatmeal Casserole is one of my favorites and I may have shared it a bunch of times here on the blog and on the MBP Facebook Page. It's so yummy and another recipe that yields a large amount of food, so we could serve it over the course of a few days. 

Will you be trying any of these recipes this school year? Which one will you try first? I'd love to hear about your breakfast experiences, so be sure to leave a comment below!

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  1. The vegan breakfast quinoa looks good! It looks delish and super filling with all that protein.


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