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12 Things to Pack for a Trip to Disney World

Disney World is easily one of the top attractions in Florida. It's also popular with international travelers who come from all around the world to hit some of the top rides. You can get your own mouse ears and check out a few shows when you're not hopping on those rides. Or just hang out and enjoy the amenities at your favorite Disney resort. Whether you stick to just Disney World or hit up some of the other nearby Disney parks, you'll want to be prepared for whatever comes your way. 

Autograph Book 

You never know which of the costumed characters you'll encounter in a Disney park. If you bring your own autograph book, your kids can meet their favorite characters and have a great souvenir to take back home. 


No matter when you head to Orlando, you'll find the sun high in the sky. Even if you put on sunscreen in your hotel room, you need to take a bottle with you to reapply throughout the day. 

Fanny Pack 

Though you can take all your must-haves in a backpack, a fanny pack is an even better option. Its smaller size will keep you from over-packing and ensure that everything you need is right at your fingertips. 


If you don't have enough space for a first-aid kit, pack a few adhesive bandages. You can care for minor cuts and bruises and take care of blisters without tracking down medical help. 

Reusable Water Bottle 

Amusement parks charge quite a bit for drinks, but you can save some money with a reusable water bottle. You'll find fountains and restaurants inside the parks that let you fill up your bottles for free. 


You can save even more money with your own snacks. Many Disney enthusiasts bring trail mix, granola bars and other convenient options. We even packed our own lunch on our last trip to Disney.

Hand Sanitizer 

With all the rides and attractions, you might not have as much time to stop and clean up as you would like. When you pack hand sanitizer, you can keep everyone in your family clean. 

Charging Pad 

A charging pad is a must-have because you might not always have time to find a charging station. It lets you recharge your phone or camera battery quickly. 


When the temperature climbs throughout the day, you'll be glad you have deodorant on hand. You can add an extra layer anytime you need it. 

Plastic Bags 

Travelers should also pack a few plastic bags. You can use those bags to store wet clothes or to keep delicate souvenirs safe. 

Good Shoes 

The most important thing you should pack is a good pair of shoes. While running or walking shoes are good, you might want a simple pair of sandals too. You should make sure that the shoes don't rub or wear against your feet. 

Rain Poncho 

One of the top things you can bring on your Disney vacation is a rain poncho. This simple garment will protect you from the storms that can come out of nowhere. 

When you have these 12 things with you, you'll have everything you need for an amazing Disney World vacation.

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Have you ever been to Disney World? What are some of your favorite Disney memories?

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  1. Thank you for this great article! Also dont forget more simple items like wet wipes, and other means of hygiene.
    P.S. And the top thing from personal experiece - check the internet in new country, because learning physical maps is very bad idea :D


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