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Weekends with the Wigglesworths- The Kids Are Bored!

Happy Saturday, friends! Can you believe we are just about halfway through July? This summer is zooming right on by, which might be a good thing if you asked the girls since they can't help but tell anyone who asks how boring it's been. I'd be upset by their bluntness, but I kind of agree with them.

Don't get me wrong, we've been enjoying our summer vacation and I'm not feeling the way that I was during the beginning of summer. However, we've been in a rut with activities and we are lacking some variety and excitement. It's kind of sad when you are excited to take your kids to a doctor's appointment!

The park is fun and all, but we need a change of scenery!

Mom Guilt, Meet Wife Guilt!

I think part of the trouble is that I get too caught up in what everyone else *might* be feeling. We've all heard of and have (likely) experienced mom guilt a few times too many. Well, during the summer months, I tend to experience both mom guilt and wife guilt. I feel guilty when I sense I'm not providing enough entertainment for the girls, but then when we do fun things, I feel guilty because Matt is working (his tail off) and isn't able to join us. 

We have the best adventures when we are all present!

Matt is home this weekend and there are some plans already set, including his parent's anniversary party tomorrow so at least  this weekend won't be so boring! I'm going to have to make plans to step things up a bit for next week though, not just for the girls, but for my own sanity!

I hope you have a great weekend! If you have any boredom busters, we could use them, so go ahead and leave a comment below! 


  1. We love checking out local summer camps (some are free or low cost) which take place during part of the day to keep the kids occupied. Summer seems to be challenging, so we look for low cost activities, too. Summer reading at the library, we bought an inflatable pool for $15.00, we do summer learning worksheets, and all that stuff. We try to visit local parks, and change up our routine. Maybe plan a summer spirit week at home, with a different theme for each day!

  2. These all sound awesome! Thanks O 😀


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