One Week Into Summer Vacation-A Mom's Diary

It's Thursday and we're nearing the end of June. The girls have been out of school for a week and nobody has gone completely crazy just yet. However, despite my high hopes for this summer, so far it's kind of been a dud. 

My logical side is saying "It's only been a week, don't beat yourself up", but the kid in me is as disappointed as my kids are. Because my car has been acting its age lately (19 years old), we've been pretty much stuck doing a lot of home-based activities. We have a substantial amount of fun things at the ready here, but it's SUMMER and we need to be out and about celebrating the freedom we get when the girls are out of school. 

It Hasn't Been All Bad!

Okay, now that my "woe is me" side had a chance to post, my more upbeat and positive side is taking over. It really hasn't been too bad so far. So, we've taken this week as one to veg out. We'll be okay. We've gotten a lot done around the house, specifically in the basement, which is great to use as more than a crazy messy storage area/laundry room. The girls have loved playing basketball and air hockey down there.

Also, the girls have really been getting along with one another. I mean, sure, there are moments they drive one another bonkers, but overall they have been great together. They go off and read together, draw together, and snuggle! I love that they are having this bonding time, especially with D starting middle school in the fall and R staying in elementary. 

So yes, while our first week of summer vacation has been kind of boring, it's also been kind of great. The car situation will get fixed soon enough and we'll have plenty of time to cross off more items from our summer bucket list. Today though, since it's raining anyway, we'll cross off one (I hope) that we can do at home- teaching the girls how to blow bubbles with their gum! 

I hope you're enjoying your summer vacation so far. Let us know what you're up to in the comments section! 

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