Let Me "Sway" Your Opinion of Natural Deodorants with Sway Detox Deodorant

Thank you to Sway Natural Detox Deodorant for providing my husband and me with product samples to try out and review! All opinions are 100% my own. This post may contain affiliate links. 

You know who is a tough customer? My husband. He is the first one to call bogus on a product claim. Let me just start this whole thing off by saying that Jason Paul is a hairy man. That is all.
But, really though. He puts serious effort into his grooming routine. He is very particular about what kind of deodorant he uses and body wash etc. because it has to work. He was more than a little skeptical to try out this natural deodorant because he was sure that it wouldn't do the job. Well, the day he finally decided to try it,
he really put it to the test.
We were going to visit my Mom at her farm in the deep country of South Carolina - at her house that was built in the late 1800's with no central air conditioning, in July. 

He couldn't believe that he didn't once smell body odor all day. In spite of all the sweating. He still didn't smell at 10pm that night when we got home.

A-maz-ing. Not kidding or exaggerating at all. 

Well, let me interject that I loved the product the first time I tried it. I am not nearly the tough customer that Jason is, but I have tried my fair share of natural deodorants. I like natural. I like the idea of natural body processes and not messing with the intended design of things. Therefore, I don't love the idea of clogging up the underarm to prevent smelly sweat. Sweat is natural. The smell is not so nice, so I appreciate a deodorant that works. Natural deodorants don't always work. Sometimes they burn your underarms. Sway Detox Deodorant is the exception to the rule. 

Why chose a natural deodorant you ask? 
Sweating is natural and good for you. 
When you use an antiperspirant or deodorant designed to mask the smell of sweat or worse - prevent sweat altogether, your sweat glands get clogged up with all the gunk you are applying day after day. When your body can't sweat properly, it can't get rid of toxins in the body properly. Not to mention, you are actually adding the toxins in your deodorant to your body through your sweat glands.

Sway Detox Deodorant contains all natural ingredients that are designed to draw toxins out of your underarms and kill and prevent the bacteria that causes smelly sweat, naturally.

Two of the main ingredients of the product are 
apple cider vinegar and baking soda!

The charcoal detoxifying mask contains natural charcoal that draws the toxins from previous applications of antiperspirants from your sweat glands. Other ingredients include essential oils and natural skin conditioners to benefit your skin. 

Like my handsome husband, I also go all day with no body odor smell whatsoever now, in spite of the hot, humid rainforest type climate I live in. You know what is gross? The smell of antiperspirant that isn't quite working. Gone are the days of this problem for me thanks to Sway! I am a believer. I will be a Sway Detox Deodorant user from here on out - other deodorants need not apply (haha another pun.) 
Want it? Get it!

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