Wax Warmer Cleaning Made Easy #tiptuesday

I use wax warmers every single day.  If I am going to be home longer than an hour, my wax warmer is plugged in.  I have 3 of them throughout my house and I love to smell the awesome scents drift though my rooms.  But, I really hate when it's time to empty the old wax because I always make the biggest mess.  I try to pour it out hot into the trash can and it usually ends up all over the counter, my fingers and the warmer itself.  What a mess to clean up! Well, no more.  I have come across the easiest way to change your wax.  I will not be cleaning wax mess again!
I saw this great idea somewhere online and decided I'd give it a try.  You just put some string into your melted wax when it's time to change or clean your warmer.  I used dental floss because I get a little sample container each time I go to the dentist but I don't use it because I like a certain dental floss.  So, these were starting to add up but they have a new use.  Once you have string throughout the melted wax you just have to wait until the wax has cooled and hardened.  Once it is hard, just pull the string and it will pull the wax right out.  No hot mess and no clean up!

I used dental floss.

Floss in the hot wax.

Let the wax harden.

Pull the string and remove the wax.

Let me know if you try this tip and what you think.  
Have a great day!

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