Roeing for the Holidays in Comfy Styles from LuLaRoe! #MBPHGG17

Thank you to Taylor Shew for providing me with product in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts are my own.

While I may not be dashing through the snow this holiday season, I am definitely dashing through the leaves. It's been chilly and mild off and on in our part of NC, and by mid-day, it's usually comfy enough outside to be coat-free. It's a good thing because truth be told, I sort of dislike wearing jackets and coats. They're bulky on me, and just weigh me down. They wind up being extra things for me to carry when I already don't have enough hands to hold everything. Give me a mild day with some nice tees and tunics to pick from, and I am ready to rock and roll- in style, of course.

Presented by Taylor Shew

This season, I am keeping my style chic, simple, and comfortable thanks to LuLaRoe, and the wonderfully sweet Taylor Shew, Independent LLR Rep. Taylor and I connected a few weeks ago and started chatting about fall and holiday looks, as well as holiday gifts. LuLaRoe is a great choice for anyone who is looking to gift clothing but might have a bit of a hard time picking out flattering apparel for others- or even themselves.

LuLaRoe sells their comfortably chic leggings, tops, dresses and more through their independent sales reps across the country. If you've never heard of LuLaRoe, you've probably been living under a rock. Their company is hugely popular, and best known for their buttery soft leggings. Their company exploded even more after adding a Disney collection to their lookbook!

The interesting thing about LuLaRoe is that they only make a limited number of each design. The apparel goes directly to the reps, and then add it to their personal inventory, and then sell away through parties, shows, FB groups, etc. Taylor put together a couple of looks that we both thought would be perfect go-to pieces for LuLa lovers or first timers!

Check out my LuLaRoe Style...

A chic look for fall and winter, the Lynnae.

I am in deep like/love with the Lynnae. Taylor told me what a popular style this is, and I can definitely see why. The Lynnae is fitted through the arms, but gives a bit of room through the sides and flares around the bottom. It's almost tunic length, but not quite. I still wore the Lynnae with jeggings, and thought it looked great. It's such a comfy wash and wear top. I love wearing black and white, and this top actually has a hint of pink in the contrasting stripes against the black.

How I wore the Lynnae

I paired my Lynnae with denim jeggings, my favorite cognac boots, a bold black and crystal statement necklace, and of course, my COACH sunnies (way too bright outside not to have them!).
This look is awesome for every day. The Lynnae could easily be dressed up with a dressier pair of leggings or Ponte pants and tall boots or booties. Take your pick!

Next up, the Perfect T, and a fun pair of LLR Leggings!

So, this is my first experience with a LLR Perfect Tee, and it's been a perfect fit for me! I love the style and the fit of the T. This is one of those tops that can be worn so many ways. I wore it with leggings. The Tee is a longer length top, so I feel like it can be worn with leggings and your fanny is still covered. I don't like short waisted tops, so being able to choose from so many LLR tops with a longer length makes me incredibly happy! The blue color of this top is gorgeous! It's so piercing and pretty! Makes me want to be at the beach. This is one of those LLR tops that you probably want to size down in. It does run a bit large.

The leggings that Taylor sent me are so fun! I have to say, I wouldn't normally pick a legging design like this for myself. I'm not big on prints on leggings, but this is really a fun design, which I have truly grown to enjoy. I think it looks great with the blue Perfect Tee. The leggings are so soft and comfortable. I want to wear them every day, but I know I can't, so I'll just have to get some more!

How I Wore the LLR Perfect Tee & Leggings

This look was far to easy to style. Taylor did the hard work for me, by pairing these two pieces together. All I had to do was add my boots and a long gold necklace to compliment the colors of this ensemble. So easy!

Here's another cute outfit that Taylor put together from LuLaRoe pieces!

And look at this adorable dress! I love it!

LuLaRoe has so many chic and adorable styles for the holiday season, as well as every day. I can't think of a single friend or family member who hasn't either tried or inquired about LuLaRoe in some fashion. The gals in my family all love LuLaRoe, especially their comfy leggings. I am a big fan of their Perfect T, the leggings, Irmas, and now also the Lynnae.

LuLaRoe also has great styles available for kids, and men, as well! I love that LuLaRoe has something for everyone. If you're looking for unique holiday apparel or gifts that you literally won't be able to find anywhere else, shop LuLaRoe with Taylor this season!

Want these looks? Get them!

The best way to shop with Taylor and to check out all of the adorable LuLaRow styles this season is to join her Facebook Group. You can also connect with Taylor through her LuLaRoe Taylor Shew page on Facebook.

Special thanks to Taylor Shew for allowing me to share these beautiful LuLaRoe styles for the holidays! Look for them in our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide!

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