National Donut Day

I am truly one for holidays and days of observance...not only because they are important days to remember for the present but also because of the history that makes the day a holiday or a day of observance.  Today is National Donut Day.

November 5th 2017
November 5 is one of two National Donut Days observed by donut lovers across the nation.  Every year this "holiday" is observed twice per year, because who doesn't love donuts?  There are so many donut bakeries across the world that create some interesting takes on flavors and fillings.  Donuts are treats served at breakfast or even a dessert during special events.  This leads me to ask... What is your favorite donut?  How do you enjoy it?

My favorite donut is a boston cream donut or a mulberry donut.  My favorite time to enjoy one is for breakfast with a cup of coffee.  As a New Englander, I am partial to Dunkin Donuts, but have been exploring local bakeries for new experiences. 

Tell us what you love about donuts and your favorite place to get them.


  1. My favorite is from Duck Donuts. Its cinnamon sugar. I want to try the french toast donut there too!

  2. I definitely have a weakness for donuts! (especially with chocolate frosting and sprinkles)


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