Rosebelle's Gratitude Journals #MBPHGG17

As a child I dreamed of becoming many things, one of which was being a writer.  I felt that I had a story that needed to be told and as I got older, I dabbled here and there, but found many of my own thoughts couldn't be articulated the way I wanted them to be.  So while I am not a famous author, I am a blogger.  That doesn't mean I don't get writer's block.
Rosebelle's gratitude journals are just the cure.

I was introduced to Rosebelle's gratitude journals thanks to my friends at Sweet Little Luxuries.  I was afforded the opportunity to review the journals for free in exchange for my honest review.

  Throughout these journals are beautiful quotes and writing prompts that inspire creativity and encourage you to look inside yourself and be grateful for your experiences. These journals are geared for girls and women of all ages.  In my opinion, I think they can be an important keepsake for mother's and daughters to reflect back on throughout their lives.  
In the moment of a great times, we remember the details so clearly, but as time goes on we tend to lose the details.  Since my son was small, I have written in a journal to give to him when I pass so he can always remember the love I had for him.  I have told him about my day and I have told him of the thoughts he provoked during that day.  I have been showing gratitude for 16+ years but never on the level for which these journals provoke.   

"A gratitude journal is a personal record of things you are grateful for. It is a private space for reflecting on and recording the blessings in your life. A good gratitude journal is a collection of your life's most beautiful blessings, most magical moments, most awesome adventures, and most heartwarming experiences."(Sweet Little Luxuries).

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