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The Attraction Of Pennsylvania For Your Next Family Adventure

The USA is truly one of the greatest countries in the world, at least from a travel perspective. Our vast and beautiful land is home to many wonderful places. In my humble opinion. Pennsylvania is among the best.
It’s one of the country’s larger states and is blessed several places worthy of a visit. Whether you’re planning a road trip or several visits over the years, there are many reasons for the whole family to get excited. Let’s take a closer look at just five of them now.

  1. It boasts the typical attractions that you’d expect from a family vacation. OK, so Aquarium World might not quite match Sea World, but having indoor adventures on your doorstep guarantees fun even if the weather is poor. Regardless of which major city you stay in, knowing that those attractions are ready to entertain the whole family is huge. Just remember to take your camera to record those magical moments forever.


  1. There’s world-class sport ready and waiting. Most kids look up to athletes as their idols. And visiting Philadelphia 76’ers or Pittsburgh Penguins will provide a memorable night for everyone. Given that grabbing tickets for those events is easier than ever, you can start planning it long before you arrive too. Even if you aren’t overly fussed about the game itself, nothing matches the atmosphere of a big game night. Moreover, there’s no better way to get a feel for a new place than soaking it all in.
  2. Historical landmarks await you at every turn. Whether it’s visiting the Philadelphia Museum of Art or the National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg doesn’t matter. Those educational features are fascinating for every member of the family. Besides, those items are something that should appear on everyone’s bucket list. Sharing those moments as a family is undoubtedly the perfect way to tick those items off of the list.   
  3. Pennsylvania is also home to some of the oldest Amish settlements. You can find places to go in Lancaster County that provide family fun in a very effective manner. Not only can you gain an insight into that way of life without being away from modern luxuries. But it can also encourage you to re-evaluate your life for increased fun at home and on future holidays. Given that travel is supposed to broaden the mind, this is a key selling point.


  1. The simple luxuries of great food and accommodation are easily sourced and at affordable rates. Airbnb has literally opened up more doors for visitors. Meanwhile, the plethora of great restaurants across the state ensures that your taste buds gain the joys that they crave on vacation. And if you (or the kids) have a sweet tooth, it might be worth noting that the Hershey’s HQ is located in Derry Township.   
Pennsylvania is also home to some very friendly locals, which forms a huge part of the culture that makes it great for family fun. For two nights or two weeks, a visit to the Oil state should be on everybody’s travel list.

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