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Day Trips & Destinations: #SeaWorld Orlando #Review

When in Florida (particularly the Orlando area), there are so many neat places to visit, and awesome things to see and do! Obviously, you can't do it all in one trip, so selecting a few 'must-visit' attractions before your vacation begins, is a great idea! SeaWorld is one of those magical Florida attractions that offers so many great things for families. It's home to some pretty well known, majestic animals, with 15 exciting exhibits, special animal encounters, shows, rides, shopping, dining, and more!

When we were on vacation in Florida a few weeks ago, we were able to surprise Reese and Drew with a trip to SeaWorld Orlando. This was Drew's second visit (she was about Reese's age the first time) and Reese's first! I was pretty happy to have the opportunity to go and boy did we have a blast.

Daddy and the Girls!

One of the first things we did was look at a map! SeaWorld is a pretty big park and it's good to have some sort of "plan" in place to decide where to start and where to end up. Once our game plan was approved, we went on our merry way.

Drew was our "Tour Guide" 

We Saw Flamingos First! 

Admiring the Animals

They Loved this Waterfall

We really enjoyed walking through the Manta Aquarium. Our girls could spend hours watching all of the sea creatures in an aquarium. I kind of love it too, there is just something about it that is so relaxing. My favorite sea creature was the Leafy Sea Dragon, which is a "cousin" to the Seahorse. I've never heard of or seen anything like it.

A Leafy Sea Dragon (Photo Courtesy of SeaWorld Orlando)

One of My Favorite Pictures

There Were Sharks Swimming Above Us!

Drew Wants to Be a Mermaid! 

Reese Wants to Be a Mermaid Too!

After our time in the aquarium, we checked out the Turtle Trek Exhibit. We got to watch an enlightening 3D 360° film that allowed us to see, in more of a first hand kind of way, what an incredible life journey sea turtles have. The film was amazing, but again a few special sea creatures caught our attention!

Entering the Turtle Trek Exhibit

Drew Just Waiting for the Turtle to Come Back

So Cute!

Reese Wanted to Take the Turtle Home!

After the Turtle Trek, Daddy and Drew decided it was time for a ride! The Journey to Atlantis Ride was really close, so that is the ride that was chosen. Sadly, Reese was a little too petite for the ride, so I took her to wait on the sidelines. Thankfully, it was not so bad because we found the Golden Seahorse Gift Shop and the Jewels of the Sea Aquarium right next to the ride and in the "splash zone". Plus, it was pretty great to stand somewhere with air conditioning!

Journey to Atlantis (Photo Courtesy of SeaWorld Orlando)

Daddy and Drew in the Back!

Reese Exploring the Jewels of the Sea Aquarium (There Were Fish Under the Glass)

After the ride, and a quick change (Drew's outfit got soaking wet) we were off to the Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin exhibit. The line was pretty long for this one, but it was definitely worth the wait. It starts off with a "wild" or "mild" ride (we chose mild) allowing you to experience the South Pole through the eyes of a penguin named "Puck". Once you get off of the ride, you get to visit the penguins' colony! This was probably my favorite part of our SeaWorld experience. 

Waiting for the Ride!

These Guys are Adorable!

It's Like a Scene From Happy Feet!

Such a Ham!

"It's Pretty Cold In Here Mom"

Our last stop was to view the dolphins. Drew really wanted to pet one, but they were pretty busy at the other end of the tank getting fed. We did get to see a few and one came pretty close, but just to splash everyone! Drew was a little disappointed, but we have decided to just make the dolphin area one of our first stops next year. 

Waiting for a Dolphin!

Sleepy Girls At the End of Our Visit, Waiting for Our Car!

There is so much to do during a visit to SeaWorld. We went just expecting to see some pretty majestic animals, but really it is so much more. We got to experience a few rides and exhibits, but on this trip we missed the shows. I will definitely be using the SeaWorld Orlando website to help plan our next visit and the SeaWorld Orlando mobile app during our next visit to make sure we can see even more of what this amazing park has to offer.

Want to Visit? 

There are a variety ticket options available through the SeaWorld Orlando website, but for a General Admission ticket you can plan to spend $65-$80 for each ticket. Children under 3 are free! I definitely recommend looking through the website before your visit, especially the "Insider's Tips" page. There are plenty of places to shop & dine at SeaWorld, too- just take a look at their main website more more information about where you can eat, shop and play during your SeaWorld visit!

Special thanks to our friends at SeaWorld Orlando for allowing us to visit and experience the SeaWorld park. We had so much fun, and can't wait for our next visit!

Disclosure: My family received complimentary tickets to SeaWorld Orlando in exchange for my honest opinions. All thoughts shared within this post are my own. Your experience may differ.

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  1. We love going to Seaworld. We haven't been to the Orlando park but we've been to San Diego many times and loved it every time!


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