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Thank you to Hedstrom for providing me with product, free of charge, in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions shared are my own.
It's truly amazing how quickly babies grow. It seems like I just brought Baby S home from the hospital, and here we are, almost seven months later. S is growing by leaps and bounds day after day. I can hardly stand how quickly her first year of life is whirling by. I am fortunate to work from home. I was able to stay home with B before he began school, and I am now able to do the same with Baby S. Being home with my kiddos allows me to spend a lot of one on one time with them, watching them, caring for them, and helping them as they develop. I loved watching my son discover new things, and am having the same wonderful experience with Baby S. We love to play together, and having age appropriate toys that will stimulate her and aid her development are key for us.

Hedstrom Entertainment

Enter Hestrom... Founded in 1913 as Eagle Rubber in Ashland, Ohio, Hedstrom has blossomed into a company with a wide variety of products. Hedstrom Entertainment has over 100 years of experience in the manufacture, sales and distribution of toys. Already conquering the play ball market with a majority share at retail, Hedstrom continues to grow its product offerings. In addition to expanding its product lines, Hedstrom is moving into new markets. With a core focus on children of ages 2-8, they also create exciting products targeted to tweens and babies. Hedstrom's mission is to get kids off the couch and start having Unplugged Fun!!!

Check out these awesome products that were sent to us by Hedstrom for Baby S!

Baby S is at a great age to begin to play with sensory toys. She just turned seven months old, and loves to be down on the floor, playing. I love to watch her explore new sights, sounds, and textures. Hedstrom's sensory products are perfect for babies 6 mo+. S loves to be on her tummy, and she also loves to sit up (she's working on sitting up completely unassisted- a big milestone for babies!).

We received four cool sensory toys from Hedstrom, and we couldn't wait to start playing with them!

The Hedstrom Sensory Shapes are awesome!

The Sensory Shapes set includes 6 assorted soft shapes with textured spikes. The set I received also came with two bonus balls. These shapes are so much fun. They are the perfect sizes for S to grab onto and play with. The little spikes actually help the shapes sort of fit together when we try to build with them. Big Bro B likes to make towers and watch Baby S knock them down.

Baby S, exploring some of the shapes from this fun set. 

S loves to pick the shapes up and roll around with them. They are inflated, so they are soft, and don't hurt her when she drops them on her face. She likes to try to gum the little spikes, too. The colors are bright, and she is stimulated by the colors, the textures, and the shapes of these fun toys.

S loves to play ball with the larger balls!

Let's play ball!

I was so surprised to see Baby S take so well to the larger balls that came with this set. There's a multi-colored one, and a pink one, and she just loves the multi-colored one! She likes to lie on her back and have me place the ball on her tummy so she can grab it with her arms and legs and roll around. She also likes to lie on her tummy and have someone roll the ball to her. She actually knocks it back to us. She loves to watch the balls bounce and roll on the floor!

Product Details

Helps refine fine motor skills
Massage stimulation
6 assorted colors and shapes
Recommended for age 6 months +
BPA Free, Latex Free and Phthalate Free
Includes sensory One Triangle Shape, One Round Shape, One Cylinder Shape, One Square, One Rectangle, and One Cone shape
Great value pack of vibrant sensory knobby round balls and shapes

The Sensory Stakkups are another favorite product from Hedstrom!

We love stacking cups. When B was a baby, we stacked cups all day long. They are so fun to sort and play with, build with, and knock down. The Sensory Stakkups by Hedstrom are really fun. They are nice, wide cups, and are different sizes, so the can be stacked or nested inside of one another. They are vibrant in color, and each cup has an animal design in the bottom, as well as small holes, which makes them perfect for water play! We have let S play with the cups during her sink baths, without having to worry about her ingesting water from the cups.

S absolutely loves building and stacking with the Hedstrom Sensory Stakkups!

Oh, no... tower fell down! Let's build it again!

The Sensory Stakkups are probably S' favorite toys right now. She likes to pick the cups up and chew on them, exploring the smooth texture. She also likes to share the cups with her brother, and watch him stack. S loves to knock the cups over, and laughs when she does so. These are a wonderful choice for S, and we play with these multiple times a day. A couple of gal pals of mine are expecting, and I plan to order a set of these Stakkups for each of them as shower gifts.

Product Details

Versatile and stackable cups offer safe and fun way to increase coordination and gross motor skills^Includes 8 assorted color Stakkups^Stakkups nest for easy cleanup and storage^BPA, Latex and Phthalate free
Versatile and stackable cups offer safe and fun way to increase coordination and gross motor skills
Includes 8 assorted color Stakkups
Stakkups nest for easy cleanup and storage

Another fun Hedstrom product we love- the Sensory Bumpeez!

This fun, soft plush ball is awesome! It has plush spokes, and rolls wonkily all over the house. S loves it! There are two domes with caps locked onto the ball. One side features tiny marble balls in the dome, which roll and shake like a rattle. The other side features a bouncing ball that lights up when the Bumpeez moves! It's awesome to play with in the dark. I moved it out of S' crib before bed one night, and the whole room was glowing in flashing red, blue, and green! So fun!

'Get back here, Bumpeez!' S chases the Sensory Bumpeez ball at home.

The Bumpeez is yummy, too!

I love this toy, because it's soft, and S can roll around with it, chew on it, and play with it, without me having to worry about her. She loves the bright colors and the designs on the Bumpeez, and really loves to watch it light up when we play with it. This is a cool gift pick for any little dude or dudette!

Sensory Bumpeez Details

Engages visual and auditory senses
Bright colors and soft glowing lights
Rattling beads and contagious giggle sound effect
Recommended for age 6 months +
BPA Free, Latex Free and Phthalate Free

For older kids- the Sensory Twistz is so much fun!

The Sensory Twistz is a great toy for older toddlers and preschoolers or kindergarteners. B is si, and couldn't wait to check this toy out. He loves to create and explore, so this was right up his alley. The Sensory Twistz includes lots of little soft balls, which snap together. You can create all sorts of things with them. Play with them all together, or take them apart and play with a few at a time.

The Sensory Twistz toy is awesome and vibrant! So colorful and eye-catching. Who wouldn't want to play with this!?

Take the balls apart for sorting, matching, and re-connecting!

Like my cool bracelet? I think it's right on trend for 2017 fashion!

We love to play and create with the Sensory Twistz! They are so cool to play with at home, and I think these especially would make a great gift to a teacher for their classroom if they teach little ones! I can't wait to see my son's next creation with this toy!

Product Details

Twirl and swivel Hedstrom's sensory twistz!
Create delightful shapes and designs with colorful, connected high definition foam balls
Kids and adults alike will enjoy this fun and functional skill development toy

Aren't these great! I love that Hedstrom makes these wonderful toys for little ones! Pretty amazing, right? Hedstrom has so many awesome products for kids, and believe me- what we've shown you here is just a taste of what they have to offer. They also carry licensed products for favorite characters from Nickelodeon, Disney Jr., Disney, Hello Kitty, etc. Along with their fun balls, the offer athletic gear, inflatables, ball pits, boppers,winter products, and more!
I would love to surprise B with a TMNT snow sled for Christmas!

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Want them? Get them!

Head on over to Hedstrom to check out all of their cool products and gift options for the holidays and beyond. You can purchase Hedstrom products on Amazon. I highly recommend these fun, quality products if you have kids on your holiday shopping list this year! These gifts don't require batteries, and will get kids away from screens and back outside to play!

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Special thanks to Hedstrom for allowing me to share about their wonderful toys this season!

Happy holiday shopping!

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