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Have a Ball with Holiday Gifts from Hedstrom #Review + #Giveaway #MBPHGG16

Thank you to Hedstrom for providing me with product, free of charge, in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions shared are my own.

What do you get the kid who has everything when the holidays roll around? My son is one of those kids who seems to have it all. He has cool toys, awesome books, fun art project kits, and yes- video games and movies. One of the things that B and I have loved doing most since he was a toddler, is playing outside. I loved playing outside because it broke up our days at home, and got us into the fresh air. Playing outside has always been a wonderful way for us to spend time together. I'm not into sports a whole lot, but when my son asks me to kick an athletic ball around with him, you'd better believe I am going to say yes- even if I'm in my pointy toed flats!

Right now, getting away from screens is our biggest issue. We have limited screen time to just one hour a day, and the rest of B's free time is spent playing, reading, etc. Hedstrom has amazing products for kids who love to be active- or need a little encouragement to do so.

Founded in 1913 as Eagle Rubber in Ashland, Ohio, Hedstrom has blossomed into a company with a wide variety of products. Hedstrom Entertainment has over 100 years of experience in the manufacture, sales and distribution of toys. Already conquering the play ball market with a majority share at retail, Hedstrom continues to grow its product offerings. In addition to expanding its product lines, Hedstrom is moving into new markets. With a core focus on children of ages 2-8, they also create exciting products targeted to tweens and babies. Hedstrom's mission is to get kids off the couch and start having Unplugged Fun!!!

What could possibly be in this huge box? Let's find out!

We were fortunate enough to connect with Hedstrom for our Holiday Gift Guide this year, and they surprised us with a load of great gift options for B to check out. There were so many awesome goodies, that B was a little overwhelmed when we opened the box. 

If you need gift ideas, we got 'em! Check out all of these cool toys from Hedstrom!

Hmm... what to play with first? Decisions, decisions!

B was crazy excited about all of the Hedstrom toys. He wanted to tear into everything right away. He loves to play ball, so a box that was literally filled with all sorts of balls featuring some of his favorite characters really made his day!

A huge hit with this kid- the TMNT Hopper Ball!

When B saw the TMNT Hopper, he flipped! He jumped on it right away, and began bouncing all over the house. The nice thing about the hopper is that it's for indoor or outdoor use, which means that it's perfect for rainy day fun, or cold weather activity indoors. I know that we'll be seeing B bounce around on the hopper a lot this winter. He couldn't wait to take it outside and show it to our next door neighbors. B easily bounced around on the hopper for half an hour... that's a pretty good amount of time of exercise for a kid who was active at school all day. I was impressed! After a fun time bouncing around, I knew he'd be tuckered out, and get a great night's rest!

Perfect Hopper for indoor and outdoor hopping
Promotes coordination, balance, and core development skills
Removable and reinflatable plug for easy inflation and stores
Inflates in just minutes

Assortment of balls from Hedstrom featuring TMNT and Avengers!

Check out the Avengers and TMNT Athletic Balls!

These balls are perfect for kicking around in the yard. They're similar to what I would have used to play dodge ball, kick ball or four square with, growing up. Remember those? The balls a a bit heavier than the play balls, which I really like, because I don't have to worry about these winding up on the other side of the fence and in our neighbor's yard! B loves to kick these balls around!

For the ultimate sports and TMNT fan, check out these Jr. Athletic Balls!

The Hedstrom TMNT collection of Jr. Athletic Balls includes a small basketball, soccer ball, and football. B is just getting into sports. His dad played soccer as a kid, so he's pretty interested in playing soccer. I love kicking this fun soccer ball around in our yard with B. The TMNT Soccer Ball is great for kids 3+. It's also perfect for indoor or outdoor play!

B, ready to play soccer on a chilly afternoon.

Encourages physical activity and the smaller ball makes for an easy grip for little hands
Features bright, colorful graphics
Great for indoor or outdoor play
Ships deflated; Pump not included

B, so very excited to get out and play with the new balls- especially the football!

I thought that the soccer ball would take the cake for B, but he thought the TMNT Jr. football was the coolest of all. He loved the design, and asked me right away if I would go outside and throw the ball around with him. I stink at football, but we went out, and I at least tried to show the boy how to hold and throw the ball. It's a great size for him- easy to grasp and catch, plus- it features all of his favorite characters. He can't wait for his Cousin C to come over and play football with him!

Encourages physical activity and the smaller ball makes for an easy grip for little hands
Features bright, colorful graphics
Great for indoor or outdoor play
Ships deflated; Pump not included

Taking turns with all of the new balls from Hedstrom!

The TMNT Basketball is also a perfect ball for B. It's small enough for him to bounce around, and we're going to take it over to his Grammy and Poppa's house, so he can play basketball in their driveway.

Jr. Basketball details:
Encourages physical activity and the smaller ball makes for an easy grip for little hands
Features bright, colorful graphics
Great for indoor or outdoor play
Ships deflated; Pump not included

The TMNT Mini Basketball Set- another big hit!

This awesome TMNT basketball hoop set is perfect for B's room! This boy is all about TMNT right now. We just had a TMNT birthday party for him, and of course, TMNT reigns for Halloween this year. This set can easily be set up in his bedroom, and he can shoot hoops indoors. What I love about this is that it's a fairly soft ball, a small hoop and net, and B can play with this once it turns cold outside. He's going to love playing with this during the winter months!

This is one cool basketball set!

Mounts easily over most doors
Easy to assemble
Includes 4" foam ball
High impact plastic
Ages 4+

The TMNT and Avengers Play Balls are perfect for play, too!

We also received some TMNT and Avengers Play Balls. These lightweight balls are perfect for tossing around. We love to kick balls around, and these are great, because if you accidentally get hit in the face with one (as I often do), it won't really hurt. Baby S loves to watch her brother toss and kick these balls around! We received some extra play balls, which I was really excited about- we'll be able to donate those extra balls to kids in our community this Christmas.

Play Ball Details:

Bright, colorful graphics of Avengers Assemble & TMNT
Perfect for birthday parties, prizes, camps, family reunions or giveaways
Soft and lightweight vinyl ball is easy to hold, throw or bounce
Easy to clean surface
Ships deflated
$27,49 for a Party Pack of 8 balls

Pretty amazing, right? Hedstrom has so many awesome products for kids, and believe me- what we've shown you here is just a taste of what they have to offer. They also carry licensed products for favorite characters from Nickelodeon, Disney Jr., Disney, Hello Kitty, etc. Along with their fun balls, the offer athletic gear, inflatables, ball pits, boppers,winter products, and more!
I would love to surprise B with a TMNT snow sled for Christmas!

Plus... Hedstrom offers sensory products for babies & kids! They sent us some really cool sensory toys for Baby S, and I'll be featuring those in an upcoming post. Look for those in our Holiday Gift Guide, as well!

Want them? Get them!

Head on over to Hedstrom to check out all of their cool products and gift options for the holidays and beyond. You can purchase Hedstrom products on Amazon. I highly recommend these fun, quality products if you have kids on your holiday shopping list this year! These gifts don't require batteries, and will get kids away from screens and back outside to play!

Connect with Hedstrom on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Want them? Win them!

Two lucky MBP readers will win Hedstrom Hoppers. Winners will also receive Hedstrom Sensory product if they have a child in the appropriate age range. *Please note that sensory product shown in the above photo may not be the sensory product sent to winners. Giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older. No PO Boxes. Use the form below to enter for your chance to win. Mommy's Block Party is not responsible for prize fulfillment, Please see our policies page for details.

Special thanks to Hedstrom for allowing me to share about their wonderful toys this season!

Happy holiday shopping!


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