Counting down to Disney.... Disney Challenge Day 3.... Who is your favorite Heroine?

We are Counting down to our Disney Vacation.... and thought this would be a fun game to have some fun along the way!! We are doing the Disney 30 Day Challenge, and today we are on Day 3.... Favorite Disney Heroine!

There are lots of leading ladies who are heroines in Disney films... They aren't ALL saved by a Prince ;) These are characters that are always brave and have performed an act of heroism. This one was a toss up for me, but in the end... I am going with Vanellope Von Schweetz!

I immediately fell in love with Vanellope the first time we watch Wreck-It-Ralph. She makes me laugh, cry, and I cheer for her every time! She not only brings out good in herself... but she bring our good in others <3 Who is your favorite heroine from Disney? Comment below! I would love to hear from you!!


  1. Merida. I love her spunk and independent spirit. My heart breaks for her relationship with her mom. Plus the triplets are too cute....and come on! All of that wild red hair?! What's not to love!

    1. Love, love, LOVE Merida too <3 that is one of my favorite movies as a mom! That whole mother/daughter relationship thing!!

  2. Vaneloppe is amazing! However it's Merida for us also!!! We love her strength and spunk and ability to fix and find her own way!! She don't need no man she will do it he town self-- plus her accent is the best!! And those eyes.. So pretty!


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