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Convert Your Spare Room Into The Ultimate Leisure Hideaway

Ahh, building the perfect home. It’s a never-ending journey, right?

Regular readers will remember my recent guide to creating the perfect living room. Well, now I’m going to show you how to turn your guest room into a personal hideaway. After all, modern life is very stressful, and we could all benefit from having a room where we can sit back and relax in peace.

If your home is blessed with a spare room, leaving it dormant is a huge waste. You could always turn it into a gym or an office, but I’m suggesting you make it a place to recharge your batteries. If you’re anything like me, then you’ll gain far more benefits from this than a treadmill.

The first step en route to completing your transformation is to strip the room of unwanted items. It doesn’t matter if you throw them away or sell them eBay. As long as you’re gaining back extra floor space, it has to be a move in the right direction.

With the space cleared, you should start to think about the basic canvas. A change of wall colour is a great starting point while you may also like to look into the prospect of new flooring. Luxury carpets are perfect for keeping the heat in, which could be extremely useful throughout the winter months.

If the combination of floor and walls is right, you’ll already be on the road to success. Meanwhile, you should think about the lighting needs as these can be the perfect way to create different moods and aesthetics. Quite frankly, installing a dimmer switch is probably one of the best additions you can make. Ultimately, the room is being built with comfort in mind. Do not forget it.

Another way to increase those positive vibes is to decorate the room with items that will constantly place a smile on your face. Sports memorabilia auction sites are the perfect place to find such products. And placing them on the walls can instantly give this room a special feeling.

In truth, going for a minimalist approach is ideal for this room. However, you may want to take the opportunity to embrace your other passions. This is the perfect place for conducting artwork. Alternatively, a golfing mat can offer a therapeutic activity. It is a room for the whole family, so there should be something for everyone.

As far as modern tech is concerned, you don’t need a TV. The modern household has television sets in bedrooms and the living room. Buying another is unnecessary, and can encourage antisocial behaviour. Instead, invest in a decent music system. If you truly need to be alone with your thoughts, the TV isn’t much help anyway.

Complete the room with a desk fan and a mini fridge to keep water cool. It’s simplicity at its finest, but this conversion will soon see this room become your new favourite place in the home. What more could you ever want from a simple home renovation project?

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