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Quick And Easy Ways To Makeover Your Living Room

I love this time of year. I’m always super busy getting everything ready for the big family gets together. This year I’ve been trying to find the time to get a little home styling done too. It would be so nice to get the living room freshened up before all the guests arrive. If your decor is looking a little tired, but you haven’t got time to do too much before the holidays, try to make minor changes that count.

You could start by changing your lighting. By altering the effect of the light on the room, everything can look quite dramatically different. All you need to do is change your light fitting and move the position of your standard lamp. For something really fresh and stylish, why not look at modern DVI lighting? This can create a great look with or without the lights on. I love how my lighting can be changed so simply to give my whole room a brand new look.

Understanding color palettes can help you make some quick and easy changes to your decor. If your walls are blue, there are a number of colors that will work with it. Get hold of a color wheel so you can see what might work in your room. 

Shades of lilac and purple work really well with the blue. Instead of standard creams and browns, why not change your cushion covers to something in a lilac stripe? Drapes or curtains can be swapped out just as quick. Finally, complete the soft furnishing round up with a rug in a similar shade.

If you have a few hours, you could change the color of your walls with a quick lick of paint. The secret is not to change the color by too many shades. That way a single coat of good quality emulsion should be enough for coverage. It will dry in just a few hours and be ready for you to host your Christmas party.

Wall art is another way to add a splash of color to the room. Contemporary prints are full of vibrant colors, shapes and designs. They provide a focus for the room and help you to change your accent color in a quick and easy way. Use your lighting to help highlight the wall art, making its colors stand out. 

One of the quickest ways to freshen up the look of the room is to move all the furniture into different positions. While replacing it all will make the biggest impact, this isn’t always financially practical. It also takes a long time for it to be delivered! So why not swap the sofas around and move the TV to the other corner? Getting a new perspective on the room can feel great.

There are several ways to give your room a whole new look and feel. Of course, if you have lots of guests coming you may have to clear out the room to make space for everyone! See what you can accomplish in your living room with a couple of hours to spare. 

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  1. I love lilac, and I would like to try this with blue - what a nice combination!


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