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365 Days of Kindness- Week 11

Happy Sunday Everyone! It's week 11 of our 365 Days of Kindness Challenge and I am definitely feeling the repercussions of my efforts to be more thoughtful. I feel like everyone I run into has such a pleasant disposition and I am noticing a lot more kindness going around. 

This past week I saw a post on Facebook that really got me excited. Apparently, if you text the word HUNGER to 35350, Sam's Club will donate 12 meals to a local food bank as part of their Outnumber Hunger Campaign.  After your initial text, you will receive a reply asking for your zip code. After you send that information on you will receive a final text thanking you for "localizing your donation". This "act of kindness" is one of my favorite types because it's so easy and allows people with all kinds of financial situations to make a difference. 

Some Great Advice!

There are plenty of great things you can do to spread a little kindness. If you need some ideas, check out some of our previous posts herehere, or here. You can also visit  The Random Acts of Kindness Website for even more ideas. 

What is your favorite way to show the world some kindness? 
Be sure to leave us your comment and keep spreading the kindness- it's making a difference! 

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