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365 Days of Kindness- Week 2 Roundup

Happy Sunday everyone! It's week 2 of our 365 Days of Kindness Challenge and I am so excited to hear about all the kindness everyone has been spreading around. As Ondria mentioned last week, we are encouraging everyone to do one nice thing for someone everyday. The "act" could be toward someone you know or a complete stranger, to help pass love around and inspire others to do the same! If you are anything like me, you might need a few ideas from time to time. I personally found it really helpful to add 365 Days of Kindness reminders to the calendar on my phone and set it to go off at a certain time each day. I also included a few ideas in case I get stuck. 

Our Acts of Kindness From Last Week...

My sister mentioned that she would like a second crock pot, so I had one shipped to her house as a gift. It was supposed to be an anonymous surprise, but she saw that something was being sent to her house (she was notified by UPS My Choice) and called me to see if I "accidentally sent something to her house" because it was coming from a store I shop at fairly frequently. She didn't find out what it was until it arrived though, so that part worked out :-)
We also ordered a new cell phone case to be delivered to my father in law (also as an anonymous gift) who had recently broken his. 
These were obviously not random acts, but showed the recipients kindness just the same. -Vanessa

Don't forget, every Sunday a member of the MBP team will be sharing how they were blessed by someone or how they were able to bless someone during the previous week. We want to encourage our community to offer acts of kindness to others, and have a few ideas to share! 

Acts of Kindness Ideas

Visit GoFundMe and Find a Cause to Donate to and/or Share the Cause On Facebook
Fill a Box With Yellow Items and Surprise Someone With "A Box of Sunshine
Send an Email to a Friend Telling Them How Great They Are 
Compliment a Stranger
Let Someone Go In Front of You In Line at the Grocery Store
Make Soup for a Sick Friend or Neighbor

For even more ideas, check out the some of the Acts of Kindness over at Free Tastes Good or visit RandomActsofKindness.org.

Be sure to leave a comment with an Act of Kindness you committed or received this past week. You never know - your comment may just get featured in next week's post, or we may randomly show kindness to one of our readers! 

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