Low Impact Workouts with Big Results: Yoga & Pilates

Happy weekend! I am up early this morning, squeezing in a bit of work, before the boys are up. We're going to be spending the day in the NC mountains, so we can take a peek at the beautiful fall leaves at their color peak! Before we head out, however, I want to get a quick workout in. I am trying to be really consistent with my workouts, and given my crazy schedule, that isn't always easy.

For me, a mix of Pilates and Yoga works well. The workouts are low impact, which is important to me, because I have a bad knee. I tried running and jogging, and was just in so much pain afterward, that I knew I needed to stick to what worked best for me. Yoga and Pilates are wonderful for me. There are so many different workout options available (for free) on YouTube, and if you have a little floor space, you can do the routines right in your home.

I can poses like this- and so can you!

I like to start that day out with some quiet time to myself, following a 30 minute routine. I rotate yoga and pilates, and when I do these routines regularly, I see results within about two weeks. If you're looking for something that will help strengthen, and tone your entire body, and also help keep your mind centered, yoga and/or pilates may very well be for you. I have been practicing Pilates longer than I have been Yoga, but love changing it up. Even if you start out by doing ten minutes of yoga a day, you'll be on the path to a healthier lifestyle.

Looking for some great yoga videos? Try The 30 day Yoga Challenge by Do You Yoga?
It's perfect for beginners!

I'm off to get a bit of yoga in, and then hope to take a nice walk with the family in the mountains later today. Can't wait to share some beautiful photos with you all next week! What type of workout routines are you fond of? Have you ever tried yoga or pilates?


  1. I go to yoga at least 3 days a week but I have never tried Pilates. I am so excited you shared this video. I have been looking for a low impact yoga. I have Fibromyalgia so low impact is perfect for me. Thanks for sharing this. I am going to bookmark it so I can give it a try.

    1. It's a great program, Tammy! Hope you enjoy it!


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