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Googaro: A Monthly Box for Parents and Babies {Review and Giveaway}

 As a third time mom, I knew what products worked best for B and S when they were babies and felt that most of those products would be good for C too. With a 6 year span between B and C, I also knew that there was so much more on the market for parents now and wished there was a way to try those brands too without having to do tons of research on them.
I recently found a company that strives to provide parents with just what I was looking for, someone who can show and share these new products on the market. Googaro gets parents needs for the best and more necessary items for their kids, from lotions to toys, and has a simple, fun way of going about it. Read on to hear how Googaro is helping moms and dads everywhere.
Googaro was founded in 2013 by Meghna Prasad and Ronak Shah. Meg, who loves being a mom, wanted to combine her love of babies and products that are meaningful and useful into something new. With Meg's ideas, Ronak in charge of the financial and planning side, and COO, Alisa in charge of the tech end, they formed a monthly subscription service full of the best products on the market, tailored for your baby and toddler.
The team set out to help parents find items that were practical, safe, stylish, and fun. A group of people constantly is reviewing and evaluating new products, checking for quality, safety, and sustainability, looking for organic, BPA-free, and eco friendly things.
How Does Googaro Work?
 Googaro is a quick, simple way to check out full sized products, tailored to your babies age. In three easy steps, you can get started. First, you register: A Googaro membership is always free, you will only pay for purchasing a subscription. Second, your select your child's age (0-6 months, 6-12 months, 1-2 years, or 2-3 years) and gender: The Googaro team will select 4-5 full sized products that will be great for your child's age and gender. These products are top brands and have been tested and recommended by real parents. Third, you choose your frequency: 1 Month/$35 month, 3 Month/$35 month, 6 Month/$32 month, or 12 Month/$32 month. Then, you wait: A Googaro package will arrive in your mailbox at the beginning of the month (usually by the 15th), all subscriptions auto renew on the 21st of each month, orders must be placed by the 26th of each month for the next month.
What Comes In A Googaro Box?
Each month, the Googaro team will hand select 4-5 items. These could be toys, books, snacks, body products, and even household items, all age appropriate for your child. These items have been from brands such as Plum, Burt's Bees, Aden+Anais, Aura Cacia, Seventh Generation, Melissa & Doug, and more. To sneak a peek and see previous months, click here.
Check out this cute video for more information:

We were given the opportunity to receive and review a September Googaro box. I was excited to see what neat and new things we would get in our box and see how C reacted to them.
Our Googaro Box is here!
I selected the 1-2 year old box for a girl. I was interested to see what had been selected for C.
C has learned when a box comes in the mail, she may just get to open it and find some surprises for herself. She quickly sat down to see what was in store this time. 
Big sister needed to help too.
The logo is clear right on the top of the box. I love the teal and orange combination and the elephant is super cute. This really caught both my eyes and the girls.
Ready to see what is inside
We found a very nicely wrapped inside, this was great, feels like Christmas. The paper and sticker were a pleasant surprise, extra touches go a long way.
Someone really wanted the elephant sticker
Inside the wrapping paper, we were greeted by Googa, the charming elephant who is delivering a bundle of fun to us. We also caught a sneak peek of what was underneath.
On the back side of Googa, an information card with all that was included in the box. It lists the name of the item, a small explanation of the item, and the suggested retail value. I think this is a great part of the box, you know exactly what you are receiving. There is no monthly theme, which I have seen other monthly boxes do, I don't necessarily have a preference either way.
"Let's get in this box mom"
Item #1: Happy Yogis Freeze Dried Yogurt & Fruit Snacks
Retail Value $5.39
"These freeze-dried organic fruit and yogurt drops melt in Baby's mouth. We love that this delicious and nutritious treat id made with organic yogurt and fruit. This yummy snack offers protein, and the added boost of pre and probiotics for digestive health."
We have had these snacks before and I knew that C was a fan. This bag was mixed berry and have a light purple color.
These Happy Yogis are made with organic fruit and yogurt, gluten free, and contain probiotics. They also melt in baby's mouth, very quickly I might add. The packaging is BPA free as well. They also come in strawberry and banana mango flavors.
Item #2: Kid Kusion Splatmat
Retail Value $11
"Mealtime spills and drops are inevitable. This generously sized Kid Kusion Splatmat is placed underneath your child's high chair to protect your floors and keep them clean and dry. Simple to clean and folds away for easy storage."
This mat was perfect for C, she is a totally messy eater and loves to throw her food and sippy cup on the floor. My floor is constantly a sticky mess from her craziness.
This durable mat measures 36" x 48" and is made of 100% PVC. It is surface washable with a damp sponge and mild liquid soap. I love the owl design, it is big and bright. I also love the big blue leaves. It has been great at catching all the spills C has attempted and is much easier to clean up then a sticky wood floor.
Item #3: Kid-O Stacking Rings
Retail Value $19.99
"Group, sort, and stack the brightly colored plastic rings to encourage the basic skills of observation, differentiation, and hand-eye coordination."
C and S had to immediately get these open and try them out. There is a white plastic base and 9 colored, plastic rings. This toy is appropriate for kids 1+ and is great for color recognition and sorting skills. S likes to sort them in to a pattern and let C undo them. This toy is PVC, BPA, and phthalate free.
Check out the girls in action:
Item #4: Fleurville Wipes Case
Retail Value $4.99
"This handy wipe case by Fleurville is made of hard plastic, snaps shut, and keeps baby wipes moist, convenient and ready to use. Fits in all diaper bags!"
 Wipes cases are always a good thing. I have packages of wipes pretty much all over the house, in the car, and of course the diaper bag. This plastic container is easy to refill and throw back in the bag, saving me some weight in an already heavy thing. I like the bright orange color, making it easy to find amongst all the other things in my bag.
The Googaro box is filled with food, toys, and fun baby/toddler products for a reasonable price. All of the items are parent approved and highly respected on the market. The value of this box is easily understood in this breakdown:
Happy Yogis $5.39
Splatmat $11
Ring Stack Toy $19.99
Wipes Case $4.99
If I had paid for one month of Googaro, it would run me $35. I do think the yogis and wipes case lowered the overall value of this box, both being at just the $5 mark, but other boxes I have seen really exceed the $35 value. Overall, I think the Googaro box is a great deal for sampling exciting baby and toddler products.
Want It? Buy It!
Googaro is a great monthly subscription service for baby/toddler products and toys. You can also look at giving Googaro as a gift. Googaro is offering our readers a promo code, please enter GOOGARO for 15% off the total order at checkout. You can follow Googaro at all of their social media outlets-Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and the Googaro Blog.
Want It? Win It!
One lucky reader will win a one month subscription box from Googaro. Just use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter to win. Remember- if the entry field appears in BOLD, it's mandatory. Giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older. Click on 'Read More' to go to the giveaway.

Thanks to Meg and Googaro for the September box and offering one as a giveaway too!

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