Wordless Wednesdays: Make Today Count

Hey all, Vanessa here. Hope your Wednesday is off to a great start! I just wanted to quickly share something with you, which struck me a while back...

I shared this to a Pinterest board quite a while back and found it when I was looking to share a #WednesdayWisdom post on my FB page. It's really been kind of haunting me, it's such a reminder for me (all of us really) to be really present in life. 

So, what will you do to make today count? Will you be a blessing to someone? Vow to learn something new? Make a memory? I can't wait to hear how you made today a fabulous day!


  1. That is an inspiring post. I should print that and hang it above my bed!

  2. This is such a good reminder, especially when the weekend seems so far away!


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