Father's Day Gift Pick: Mens Back Hair Removal w/ Brazilian Back #Review & #Giveaway

Its finally summer, but summer can be a scary word for some men. Summer means shirtless and to a lot of men that means exposing some unsightly back hair. Now back hair isn't anything to be embarrassed by and according to my husband, only real men have back hair. However many men spend hours trying to remove their back hair to please themselves and those that see it. How do you really remove your back hair when waxing hurts, its ok to admit that men we know, and you can't really reach your own back with a razor. 

Have no fear men! The days of waxing or having someone shave for you are over. Let me introduce you to a brand new product made just for men. Brazilian Back, an award winning, user friendly, back hair removal system is just the thing you need to get rid of that pesky back hair no matter if you have a few strays here and there or if you look like you are wearing a sweater. With its unique patent-pending delivery system, Brazilian Back will leave you looking smoother and ready for those shirtless summers. 

Two pack of Brazilian Back

Brazilian Back was super easy to use

Step 1.  Remove application cape from plastic packaging.  

Each pack comes with two capes. 

 Step 2. Hang application cape on wall 
Application cape out of package.

Each cape has little stickies on them to help adhere to walls or mirrors 

We stuck the application cape to the mirror on the back of our bathroom door.

Step 3. Smear the removal cream on the application cape. Make sure to get EVERY little section of it.
The removal creme has a strong scent to it but its not unpleasant.
Step 4. Back up to cape and wrap it around your body and wait for the processing time

Josh took the processing time to shave his head. 

Step 5. Get in the shower and use the cape to help scrub off the creme and all of your back hair. I didn't take a picture of this process but you can watch a Brazilian Back video to get the idea. 

Now as you can see, my lucky husband was chosen, by me, to be the test subject for this cool new product and here are our results.

Before                                   After
As you can see, Brazilian Back didn't remove all of Josh's back hair but it did take quite a lot of it off. We think the problem was that the cape didn't reach all of Josh's skin because he's a bigger guy. I also had to help him scrub some of the hair off. 

All in all I think Brazilian Back worked pretty well. It's been a few weeks and Josh's hair is just starting to grow back. Brazilian Back is a product that we will use again!

Want it? Buy it!

Head on over to Brazilian Back  or connect with Brazilian Back on Facebook for all your back hair removal needs. 

Want it? Win it!

One lucky reader will win their own 2 pack of Brazilian Back. 
Just use the easy entry form below. Giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older.

Special thanks to Brazilian Back for allowing us to try their product, and for offering this great giveaway for guys, to our awesome readers!

Good luck!

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  1. Not yet but I'm hoping if I win this, he might start :)

  2. no mine don't but he might want to start lol

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