Delicious Guilt-Free Snacking: Mama's Magic Mix #Review + #Giveaway

I have a tiny confession. I am a snacker. Actually, I love to snack. I come from a family of grazers, who don't really eat regular meals, but graze the counters, the 'fridge, or the cabinets, taking little bites of things here and there throughout the day. I suppose it's not the worst thing in the world, if what you're eating is healthy. The problem is, I like junk snacks. I'm talking potato chips, and things like that. In fact, if we have chips in the house, I will find them, and that bag doesn't stand a chance against me. We try not to purchase snacks like that, and lately, I have been on a mission to rid our pantry of the junk, and replace it all with fresh fruits, veggies, and other healthy snacks.

Sometimes healthy snacks don't sound very appealing, and let's face it- there are certain times when a gal just craves chocolate and saltiness. A few weeks ago, I found Mama's Magic Mix, a low calorie, delicious snack option, which is both naughty, and nice. Mama's Magic Mix is a family owned business, which has not only created three yumma-licious snacks, but celebrates girl power, and the awesomeness we ladies feel, but don't always tap into. Certainly as moms, we feel that we do it all- whether it be bringing home the bacon, and/or frying it up in a pan to serve to the family. Mama's Magic Mix is a sweet, crunchy blend of fruit and other yummy treats, designed to give you a guilt-free snacking experience.

I was intrigued by Mama's Magic Mix, and connected with Jennifer, who offered to send me some samples to try out for myself. I was ready to take the guilt-free snacking challenge, and kick the chips to the curb for good.

My Mama's Magic Mix snacks arrived in a large box.

My Mama's Magic Mix Snacks were individually packaged, each one in its own resealable pouch.

First off, I loved the packaging of these snack mixes. They are so darn cute! Each bag was a different color- white, beige, and green, and the labels matched the snack. The logo was bright and colorful, and very modern-looking. Each bag had a clear strip running across the front, giving me a glimpse of each snack, and what I was about to treat myself to!

Mama's Magic Mix comes in three varieties, each one with a unique name. Truly, the names are quite creative, especially for a snack. I received Caramel Apple Rock Star, Banana Split Baby Mama Drama, and Raspberry Mocha Swagger Wagon.

First up, we have the Caramel Apple Rock Star snack mix...

When I opened the Caramel Apple Rock Star mix, I was excited to see lot's of yummy little pieces of things I love, like caramel covered popcorn, dried apples, roasted cinnamon almonds, and something totally new- cinnamon malt balls! I couldn't wait to dive in and try this yummy snack!

Take a good look at what this snack is made up of. If you enjoy caramel apple, and cinnamon, this snack is for you!

I loved everything about the Caramel Apple Rock Star snack! I don't know if I could pick a favorite element, but if I had to, I might choose the cinnamon sugar almonds, which is funny, because I don't like cinnamon all that much. The flavor combination with the almonds was just right, and I could have eaten a bag of those in one sitting! The caramel covered popcorn reminded me of my childhood, and the freeze dried apple pieces were small, but just enough to bring in that apple flavor I love. This was definitely a smart mix of foods to create a unique snacking experience.

Next up, the Raspberry Mocha Swagger Wagon Mix. Just take a look into the snack bag...

What's not to like, here? Chocolate, fruit, and a little surprise!

I was so excited to try the Raspberry Mocha Swagger Wagon snack mix. When the snack mixes arrived, I had been feeling cranky, bloated, and sort of wanted to eat everything in sight, so this snack was just what I needed to get my snack fix, get my chocolate craving satisfied, etc. Raspberry Mocha Swagger Wagon is filled with freeze dried raspberries, white chocolate chips, roasted almonds, and dark chocolate covered espresso beans! This is a deliciously sweet, salty, crunchy snack, with a little added buzz!

Beautiful combination of colors in this yummy snack! You want some, don't you?

The Raspberry Mocha Swagger Wagon has become my go-to snack. It's so much better for me to go to the pantry for a handful of this stuff, than go to the freezer for a pint of ice cream! 

Lastly, Banana Split Baby Mama Drama

The Banana Split Baby Mama Drama was the one snack mix that I wasn't sure if I would love. I'm not a fan of bananas, or anything banana flavored. When I poured the snack mix into a bowl, I was glad to see that there were less bananas than I thought there would be. Instead, I saw huge pieces of freeze dried strawberries, with some dried banana chips, among other yummies, like salted peanuts, caramel puffs, and chocolate covered graham crackers! I actually enjoyed a bit of this snack along with my lunch the other day. I replaced potato chips with this little snack, and felt quite satisfied.

The perfect set of snacks to set out for an evening with family, friends, or for an afternoon pick-me-up!

I love that Mama's Magic Mix provides me with a great snack option- giving me that salty, sweet mix that I often crave, in one convenient resealable pouch. It's the perfect snack to offer to your guests, and the names of the snack mixes will definitely put smiles on their faces! My hubby and I have found that these are wonderful power snacks. We've been exercising a lot more, and have even started going on runs together. A handful of Mama's Magic Mix after a run gives us a boost until dinnertime rolls around, or is the perfect evening treat that makes us feel like we're having a rich dessert, without the guilt!

Raspberry Mocha Swagger Wagon is just 130 Calories per serving.
Caramel Apple Rock Star is 90 Calories per serving.
Banana Split Baby Mama Drama is 140 Calories per serving.

*Mama's Magic Mix retails for $4.99 per 4 oz bag.

If you're ready for a delicious trio of snacks without the added guilt of junk like candy, potato chips, etc., look no further! Once you try Mama's Magic Mix, you'll feel like you're walkin' on sunshine, and you'll kick those bad habit snacks for good! I took our snacks along with us on a recent trip, and was glad to have them along with us in the car, and in our hotel room, as it kept us from going out for sweet stuff, or from heading to the vending machines to stock up on pure junk. Are you ready to make the switch to this naughty and nice treat? We're glad we had the opportunity to try these delicious flavors, and can't wait to get our hands on more!

Want Some? Buy Some!

Head on over to Mama's Magic Mix to take a look around, and check out the Mama's Manifesto! You can purchase your own magic mix snacks, directly from the Mama's Magic Mix website! You can connect with Mama's Magic Mix on Facebook, and Twitter.

Want Some? Win Some!

One lucky MBP reader will win their own Mama's Magic Mix prize pack! Just use the handy Rafflecopter entry form below to enter for your chance to win! Giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older.

Special thanks to Jennifer, and our new friends at Mama's Magic Mix, for allowing us to try their delicious snacks, and for offering this yummy giveaway to our readers!

Good luck!


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  4. I'd Caramel Apple MILF - just because the name is hilarious :)

  5. I'd create pumpkin pie spiced white chocolate balls, rum balls, brown sugared pecans, and graham cracker crumbles - "Surviving Holiday Season"

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